Weekly Makeup plus Mini Reviews – Japanese Brand Eyeshadows

Will make a quick post today regarding my office make up on week of March 27 to March 31. Last week’s theme is all about Japanese brand makeup but since I don’t have a lot of it, it will just be “Japanese brand eye makeup” My latest liking to Japanese brand makeup started when I found out that my colleague is going to Japan so I kind of made a research what brands are available in Japan that aren’t readily available in SG and I discovered a lot. So much that I decided not to ask her to buy anymore, lols.

I only have three looks this week because I worked from home for two days. Anyway, here are some product breakdown plus mini review

Day 1 – Product Focus: Can Make Eyeshadow Palette – used 4 colors except the powdery white shade
Primer: Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer and Dior Dream Skin (not exactly sure of what dream skin does for my skin but on instances that I use it I find my makeup appearing natural and healthy looking)
Base: Etudehouse Precious Mineral BB Cream (LE – Snow White) – I rarely use this product before because I find it lighter than my skin tone but I guess the recent improvement on my skin makes it a good base (not sure how that happens but it very well did me good) plus I am learning the light strokes techniques in my application so it appears more natural now. Not so dewy which is good for my combi skin.
Eyebrows – Etudehouse Perfect Brow Kit – would say this is my holy grail eyebrow product mainly because I have already perfected the use of this plus it’s not so expensive and takes forever to finish hehe.
Eyeshadow primer – NARS – Not used other eyeshadow primer apart from urban decay but I would say this is a very good product. I don’t retouch my eye makeup for the whole day hihi
Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Doll Eye – I wanted something that would add volume to my eyelashes which got the SA wondering when I already have dense lashes and she kept giving me another item but I insisted on this one so you would mostly see me use this because amongst my makeup, eyelashes is not something I am very very particular about. (thanks parents for good genes hehe)
Other eye products – Sephora pencil eyeliner and Etudehouse gel liner – just felt like using many products – which makes me think this is the reason why my eyes are feeling stuffy as of late.
Blush – Can Make – for the purpose of aligning on my theme
Lips – Etude House Wonder Fun Park RD318 – suprised at the longevity because I always find etude house lipsticks very luckluster. This shade matches my look well plus it has good staying power

Day 2 – Product Focus: Esprique Eyeshadow – got these some weeks back out of curiosity and Im happy to report I did not regret buying it. Priced at SG$15 per shade, this eyeshadow glides like a dream, texture is buttery and nice to blend. I have searched for the best matte brown for everyday use and I think this is it (shades BR 305 and 302)
Primer – Shu Uemura – adds brightness to my overall look
Eyebrow – Tarte – second lease on this product because I found it difficult to use before. Now, its my everyday “looking like my brows wasn’t madeup look”
Base – Apieu x Doraemon – the base I use if I want the no makeup makeup
Blush – H&M beauty
Lips – Etude House – Twin Shot Lips Tint – If you want gradient lips, this is good. Not so long lasting but the color is lovely

Day 3 – Product Focus – Lunasol Spring 2017 Eyeshadow Palette – it was an impulse statement on my IG when I said this product would be my first hit pan. I used the brown that time and loved it but after using Esprique and the other shades in this palette I’m guessing it wouldn’t be so much of my go-to. It’s good but can be better. Maybe their other mainstay palettes are good?
Blush – Nars Orgasm
Base – ChosungAh22 + NARS – no specific reason for the double, I just felt like using it that day and so I looked ghostly-white =))
Lips – VDL – end up not liking the shade with my overall look so I added a lip gloss (not in photo)

What Japanese cosmetic brand you like most?

Office Makeup Theme Last Week: Cream Eyeshadows

I have amassed a lot of pencil and cream eyeshadows since I started learning to hoard makeup. Cream eyeshadows can be a little challenging to use for someone like me who’s not really good at it although I think it’s a hit or miss. Some are easy and some are just plain pain in the ass. Etude House’s Play 101 Pencil is just that. Some have good color pay-off and some feels like literally tearing your eyelids apart as you use them. But I think it comes in groups – those glittery colors is MAJOR in terms of difficulty of usage, the creamy ones are so-so and the glossy once are HALF MAJOR difficult since, once you applied wrong it can go all-over the place.

This are the Play 101 looks I have done last week using the Play 101 pencils and cream eyeshadows:

March 21, 2017: Base – Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit
Eyes (base) – Etude House Play 101 Pencil #28
Lower Lid – Etude House Play 101 Pencil #40
Mascara – Etude House Curl Fix Mascara (Brown)
Cheeks – Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencil 16 and 18 (blended together)
Lips (liner) – Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner
Lipstick – Etude House My Little Nut

March 22, 2017: Eyes (base) – H&M cream shadow in Champer
Lower lid – Etude House Play 101 Pencil #70
Eyeliner – Etude House Play 101 Pencil 34; just to add a pop of color
Gel liner – Etude House Brush Liner in Brown
Cheeks – Etude House Play 101 Stick 13 and 14 (blend)
Lips – changed the lip liner to Urban Decay Lip Liner in Big Bang because the Etude House Play 101 Pencil 23 got squished while applying and a bit hard to line
Lip Tint – Innisfree


March 23, 2017: Base – Laneige BB Cushion
Eyes – Etude House Play 101 Pencil and Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencil
Cheeks – Etude House Berry Sweet Cream Blusher
Eyebrows – Tarte Cream Brow
Lipstick – 3ce in shade 908 (I so want to like this lipstick, I really do but I just cant seem to do it. Hard to apply, removes easily and leaves dry patches of color on the lips I just had to remove it upon reaching the office because it looks hideous)

March 24, 2017: Eyes – Etude House Bling Me Eyes 1, 8 and 11
Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencil in #13
Blush – Etude House Color Lips Fit – it’s a product for the lips but I end up making it a blushed because I love the natural finish. Very close to how red my cheeks are post-workout ๐Ÿ˜
Lips – TheFaceShop x Disney Water Tint – best lip tint Ive had so far in terms of color pay off and moisturizing


Low down – Cream eyeshadows are fun to play with but can be very tricky to use. Also, I am in total surrender now and I don’t think I’ll be using the Play 101 Pencils in the near future. My lids are still nursing the torture ๐Ÿ˜›

March 2017 Favorites

It’s been so so so long (about a year ago?!) since I last did a favorites post meaning it was just a one off for me haha! But I am on a 150-days no buying of makeup challenge starting last week so there will be plenty of rotation that will done in the following months so I hope this favorites post will be a regular thing.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the month of March

1) Etude House Wonder Fun Park Collection – I first got a hold of this collection when I asked a friend to get me the eyeshadow palette in Korea. SG released it a bit later so
I reviewed it immediately so I can have the first dib (you know like those “first to comment” comments on IG? lols) and provide an immediate feedback. I didn’t like the eyeshadow palette at first because it was a bit hard to blend. That part of me disliking it still hasn’t changed but I altered my strategy and got the etude house eyeshadow brush (the one on top of the hairy notebook) and somehow it did wonders. Still hard to blend but I noticed it’s a bit more pigmented now using the EH brush.


Here’s another look I managed to do with the eyeshadow.

Look 3 – 2 for base, 8 for mid eye and 9 for the lower lid (Looks 1 and 2 and the color numbering can be viewed here)

2) Hakuhodo brushes – I think I am now at the age where I feel so settled with what I have aka indulgent of my comfort zone that I feel my 8-9 year old MAC brushes would not need replacing and would be with me till the end of eternity. Those brushes are one of those things that I spent so much money on that I can still see until now so I am emotionally attached to it. But then one day as I was cleaning them, I saw some signs of aging so I started researching about makeup brushes and found out that Hakuhodo is now being sold in SG *cries tears of joy* I know there are also other good brushes readily available in Sephora but there’s something about Hakuhodo that makes it a “you have to have it” item. It was just a small stand in Takashimaya but the vast selection makes it such a dizzying endeavour – from the sizes to the cuts to where/how one will use it to the hair used in each brushes I had to stop and think well or else I’d go bankrupt. The brushes are so soft and easy to useย  especially for me who is just one inch away from the mirror when applying makeup because the handles are shorter than MACs. It’s also low maintenance given that you give it a good tissue wiping after each use.


3) Dior blush and bloom – I only have 2 Dior makeup items in my collection – an eyeshadow palette and lipstick. Sometimes I have this tendency to matchy matchy my eyeshadow brand with my blush (or is it just a lousy excuse so I can buy more than one item per brand?! lols) The thing is, when I saw this being posted by beauty bloggers, I immediately went to my nearest Dior counter since I feel this is the perfect blush partner for my Dior eyeshadow palette but upon checking they told me it’s already sold out and would never restock. But the lady in Takashimaya Dior said they would restock on Mar-08 and give me a call. I waited all day Mar-08 but nada so I have already accepted my fate that I will never have this. But then came Mar-09, around 6pm I got the magic call and boom! Mar-09 8pm I have a new blusher wahahaha! Loved it because of the beautiful design and the subtle flush and dewy effect it gives.


4) Dior Forever Cushion – I am a hardcore Korean cushion fan (innisfree, etudehouse, laneige, apieu are my current cushion collection) and even on my upgrade I want to still go Korean (was looking at Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo) but this month has been a Dior month for me and the Forever Cushion is no exception. When I got my Dior Blush and Bloom, the SA gave me a voucher for a free eyeshadow mini on my next purchase so I decided to get the cushion so I can get the eyeshadow mini (I’m shallow, yes) It was love a first try for me. I have combination skin which has a high risk of looking like an oily mess
to cushion who gives so much dewy effect and Dior Forever Cushion provides me with right coverage without being too dewy or having heavy coverage. Since I also work on improving my facial skin, it would be unfair to just cover it all with makeup so the right balance between having subtle dewy complexion plus not too cakey face is what I loved about Dior.

5) Dear Darling Tint – No long stories for this one. I just love it because it’s very hydrating and has good pigmentation but not the type that would stay on even after the next day. Plus it’s only $9.90!!! ‘Nuff said. *mic drop* lols! [same dear darling tint as in photo above]

6) Ampoules – I have started adding ampoules on my skincare regimen and I could swear how it has brought some pleasant and nice changes in my skin – texture, elasticity and radiance-wise. I am specifically using the Soo Beaute Bee Propolis Ampoule I got at Sasa for $35.90 during the day and Bergamo Whitening Ampoule I got at Robinsons for almost the same price as in the Bee Propolis and for that price both ampoules has delivered. My pores are much less visible now plus the radiance it gives is something I didn’t know I was missing in my routine. Two thumbs up.


What made you gush this March? ๐Ÿ™‚


Etude House My Little Nut Holiday 2016 Collection – My Haul

Whoever is the person/team that thought of Etude House’s Christmas collection this year, can I give you a warm virtual hug?

Yes ladies and gentlemen, they did it again (or shall I say they did awesome x 100 this year) Etude House’s Christmas collection has finally marched it’s way in the SG stores and is making me partially crazy, lols! With the Nutcracker for this year’s theme, Etude House brings in limited edition items such as eyeshadow palettes, blending 101 stick, play 101 pencil, lipsticks, hand creams and perfumes designed with different nutcracker characters.

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Books I Love

I’ve been canoodling this blog for some time now and somehow I feel I haven’t talked much about myself. Or maybe also because I’ve been too busy shopping for makeup *sighs*

If you’ve been following thepinkpotato you can judge by my choice of words and limited vocabulary that I am not a wide reader. I’ve read only a few books but I think they’re the good ones, (finishing the bible in a year and a half as my greatest book reading achievement) basically because when I plan to start reading something I always go by the search term “best selling book…” at google. Not that best selling books are always good *ehem* fifty shades *ehem* but Im lucky I guess in picking out really good ones.

So without further adieu, here are my top 5 (in no particular order) The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (not in photo because I didn’t get to find it in the spot where I thought I left it), The Art of War by Sun Tzu, South of the Border West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss.

I was never the cool kid, never the bullied kid just the one amongst the crowd, that’s why reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower brought me so much feels. I am not a fan of books turned to movies but when they made this to a film, it caused me as much pain as reading as when watching. Damn those onions! And it’s not so happy ending makes the pain more real.

I have anger management issues so I guess that was the reason why I could relate to The Catcher in the Rye, lols. But the book isn’t all about teenage angst, it’s its rawness of the experiences of your youth that draws you to it so this is a good book reminiscing the good-not-so-old days.

It’s not just war per se but strategizing in general got me to liking The Art of War. Trying to balance out so many things, you ought to have good strategies so you can always get everything done.

Murakami the author is someone unbeknownst to me until a friend suggested I read one of his books and it is one of those random things I don’t regret doing. The story telling is beautiful and leaves you wanting for more (although there was only one Murakami book I read after finishing this hihi) and the pain just transcends the pages (or do I have some hang-ups from the past that’s why. Bwahaha even if there is I can’t remember anymore ๐Ÿ˜‚) 

I was looking for a good book to read to my daughter when I came across Oh the Places You’ll Go. When dreams, life journey, life decisions are the main topic I sure feel a certain pinch in the heart or slap in the face kind of connection with a book. That’s what this book is to me. 

What’s your favorite book/s? 

Two Looks One Palette – Etude House Play Color Eyes In the Cafe Palette

After my Etude House winningsย and appreciating the Play Color Eyes Ice Van palette (which I will review later since I used it the other day in the office thus no photo) I have a new found appreciation on EH’s eyeshadows particularly their palette. It’s exactly what I wanted – not too pigmented, easy to blend, the color combinations are nice and the powder doesn’t fly around when you use them.

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It’s Skin Haul August 2016

Last Friday I decided to finally feed my curiosity and checked out what this Korean cosmetic store Its Skin has to offer. I first found out about their brand at Althea Korea because they were selling the Power 10 Formula effector there but then I decided not to buy because I have not heard of the brand at all.

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