Happy Easter! 

I donno why but after having kids, Easter has become extra special for me. Proof is that last night errr well this morning I slept at 3AM but woke up 745AM and hurriedly dragged everyone to get ready for church. We made it just in time.

And since last year our family would make Easter eggs with the kids but I think on our second attempt this year is still a major fail with the food coloring seemingly not having plans of drying up.

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On What My Blog Would be Like, Moving Forward…

When I started my blog a little over than a year ago, I do not have a clear plan on what my blog would mainly be about. I just wanted it to be something I could spend some time on outside work.

I also wanted it to be a place where I could share photos of my kids with stories to back each snap up so my relatives and friends in Manila know what’s up with us. But the thought of sharing my kids’ photos online became a little horrific since, as we all know, not everyone who has access to the internet are with good intentions. I had to rethink on my blogging priorities.

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Some Truths are Worse than Others

I remember having a phone conversation with a certain someone before that took forever to end, as in it literally went on for a long time because that person just dont want to get to the point. It was a call so long from long ago I cannot remember a thing we talked about but I recalled forcing this person “tell it already!” And then the B-bomb dropped and then I was quiet. I was just slapped with the painful truth.

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Do You Actually Forgive Someone When They Die?

Last night, my husband and I while having our own glasses of alcohol, had a sudden nonchalant discussion about a topic that I choose not to disclose. Towards the end he came up with a conclusion “maybe because they are angry.” I pressume that with that bit of alcohol running through my veins, I became brave enough to argue “when people die you just learn to forgive them, I know because I’ve been there.” My husband responded “no, you cannot fully forgive someone even if they die.”

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Even After 16 Years

I can still remember it vividly exactly 16 years and 2 days today. How that day was so odd I felt like something terrible is about to happen, going home to housemates who were looking weirdly at and strangely extra nice to me, how im starting to like the burnt rice i’ve been cooking to what seems like forever but at the same time I wonder when my parents will be back so I can finally eat some decent food – they have been in the hospital for a week – only to find out one of them wouldn’t make it.

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Thirty One

So yesterday, the day before my 31st birthday, I was feeling unwell I had to leave office early. I thought to myself, this isn’t good it’s my birthday eve why am I feeling like this so I walked around first before finally going home. In the train I saw a teen and a couple, who – in my effort to be politically correct – are differently abled and seem to be totally fine.

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