Staycation at Ritz Carlton 2017

What are the odds of having 2 kids being born on almost the same day despite being two years apart? Well I guess we are the lucky ones because my kids’ birthday are on the same month just 3 days apart. But, flashback some 30 plus years ago, my sister and I were also born on the same month hah! Perhaps in runs in the blood afterall!

I guess it is some sort of unspoken rule that moms are the ones tasked to planning the kids’ birthday – be it celebration with friends, family celebration/dinner/vacation. This year was not so different from the other years except the second daughter is now celebrating with friends in school [not posting any pictures of kids in school as the school is strict as to not publishing photos of kids on the internet]

In terms of familial celebration, this year’s kids birthday celebration was spent at Ritz Carlton. It is a beautiful hotel not just because it is THE RITZ but because of the overall hotel atmosphere. Everyone is friendly, the staff are always willing to assist and are always asking if you need anything. There was just a little hiccup with the hotel bake shop – The Colony – which I’d say was just a little misunderstanding with the coffee haha! Nothing major really. Speaking of The Colony, I loved their pastry there (can’t remember what it’s called, wah!) but it’s a hybrid of cookie and cupcake lols. It’s delicious!

This is the only photo I have of that pastry, lols!

Before we checked in, the concierge gave us a Kids Adventure Card c/o Ritz Kids wherein the kids went to the different sections of the hotel, asked for a stamp and once all the stamps are completed, the kids’ got a rubber duckie! MAJOR PROPS: when we went to Chihuly Lounge, they even gave the kids a scoop of super yummy ice cream. Even mama and dada are happy lols!

Safari Adventure Card from Ritz Kids

We happen to mention during check-in that we are in the hotel for the kids’ birthday celebration and to our surprise, we were upgraded to a room with a stunning view of the Marina Bay area.

This photo just doesn’t give justice to the spectacle that is Marina Bay Sunset

We were also given some sweets by our equally sweet concierge Shoko for the kids’ birthday, yummmm! In this day and age of everything electronic, getting some handwritten cards are such a lovely treat.


We’ve stayed in Ritz a couple of times already but it was just on this visit that we got to explore more of the hotel. The pool is on the 3rd floor (the check-in counter was in 6th), and there was a grand piano and an installation somewhere in the 4th floor – ofcourse I had to take a picture haha!

Just to squeeze in the beauty section – I brought along with me some travel sized/sachet skincare. I brought a lot considering it’s just a 2 night stay so there were some items I didn’t get to use.

We didn’t get to do other activities because the kids just wanted to stay in the bed and I can’t blame them because that bed is comfy. They also just spent a lot of time playing in the bathtub and soaking in the view.


Definitely enjoyed this staycation this year and, as in Andrea’s sentiment “can we go back here again?” we sure will go back!

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