No-MakeUp-Buy Challenge – So Far So Good

Hello hello! Look what we have! Today marks the 90th day of my no makeup buy challenge and I am in awe at how much and how fast time went by. Now that I am more than halfway to the finish line, I feel like making it 365 days hahaha! But I also feel I cannot do it, so I’m gonna stick to 150 days for now.

The thing is, given that it is a challenge, then it’s supposed to be hard. And it is. I had to
stay away from Sephora and I’d be lying if I say I never ever go to Sephora for the past 90 days because I have been to and it wasn’t easy leaving without buying anything but I did it lols! Almost got the Becca Chrissy Teigen palette because it’s so pretty but I-must-resist!


I also “failed” once when one day I decided to buy 2 etude house lipsticks but then that’s a mother’s day gift – well no – I forced my husband to pay for it so it wouldn’t count as me buying it.


There are also days when, if I really really have the urge to buy makeup, I’d distract myself into thinking about some kitchen items I’ve always been wanting to buy so it ends up going high up on my priorities and I’d suddenly forget about buying makeup. Not sure though if it’s good or not because the kitchen tools I end up buying are kind of expensive lelllssss.

Another thing is, the reason why I started this challenge is because I have a drawer full of new makeup items – mostly lipsticks and lip tints hehe – so if I’m itching to buy a new one, I just take a peek at that drawer and get a new item. So yeah, one less item from my CC bill hihihi. Either that or I open my samples and busy myself with it.

AAAAANNNNDDDD… some loopholes… I said no makeup buy. Somewhere along that timeline I bought some skincare items. I knooooowwww… I seriously felt some buyer’s remorse afterwards but when I used my purchased items, I feel better eventually because it’s worth the loopholes in my no-buy rule hihihi…

Apart from knowing my priorities, I have also learned to use all my makeup items which would have otherwise been ignored if I am still on makeup shopping spree. I also learned to experiment more particularly in lipsticks because that’s what I spend to much on. I mix colors more often now, I use more gloss just to change the look and I also do gradient. Who would have thought a challenge could also be a learning experience ei.

I am glad I took this challenge on – not just for my financial health – but also for my makeup items to be able to see the light of day hihihi.

Are you willing to take (atleast) a hundred days of no makeup buy? 😛

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