A Day at Gardens By The Bay

Another late post but it’s still worth documenting.


Before my mother flew back to Manila, I decided to bring her to Gardens by the Bay just to make her leave the house because the only time she gets to go out of the house is when a) I bring her out 2) we go to church. So anyway, it was a weekday so there wasn’t a lot of people visiting the place.

Gardens by the Bay (which, moving forward I will name as GBTB) is huge and there are different sections people can go and visit. There are domes – which you have to pay to get in – and there are free sections where you can just roam around see different species of plants/flowers or take pictures or just to let time pass.


We’ve been to GBTB a couple of times and since there isn’t a special event at Flower Dome and it’s the same thing in the Cloud Forest we just decided to walk around the garden’s open area.

From the garden, you can see Marina Bay Sands in its full splendour!



I just have to add the above pic because my mother is actually smiling in the photo, lols!

Below is the spectacular view of the Super Trees. In does light up at night and at times there’s a light show so I suggest you go at night šŸ˜€ You can also climb up the bridge (with a fee) for a fun experience (my mom doesn’t want to hahaha!)


Below photo: The mother of Dragons hahaha! That chair is very almost kinda GOT-ish right? šŸ™‚


Going home, we took the train and before heading home, another view of MBS


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