Nature Walk – The Southern Ridges

Super long overdue post but late is still better than never hihi.


In Singapore, there’s basically very few touristy places you can visit and once you’ve gone to all of those, you need to start being creative in finding/discovering new places. So last February to mark my husband and I’s 11 years together, I decided to change our usual go-out-watch-movie date with a nature trek/see the wild themed celebration. If you are going to ask me to do this 10 years ago this would be an automatic no because 1) I hate exposing myself in the sun 2) not a huge fan of nature 3) I would rather sleep. But I think as I got older, the more I realized I am starting to get pressed for time and I need to do more things as soon as possible. Either that or I am just bored with the usual home-office-once-in-a-while movie routine. So we set off to see greeneries in The Southern Ridges – it’s a 10km trek which we started at Labrador park and ended in Mount Faber Park.

(The left photo above is a spider hahaha!)

It was my first time trekking so I had so many errors somewhere – I don’t have a proper attire (by proper attire I mean compression pants hehe), I forgot to bring water and I didn’t have a rubber band to tie my hair up so I ended up using twigs I found along the road to seal my hair twisted in a bun.

The heat is still isn’t so bad as compared to the June heat even if we started late (we ended around lunch time) It was tiring but fun and there’s a certain level of euphoria once we reached the top.

Since we took the reverse path, the climbing was all towards the end so I was already exhausted and kept telling myself ‘almost there” while we were walking the almost 90 degree path. But after seeing the stunning view of the nearby harbour I was well and good again.

Climbing down was also a challenge since the path was a bit wet and steep but my motivation was that by the time we reached the end it’s already lunch time so I can eat. The faster I go, the earlier I can eat. After 11 years together, I know that that was the first time both of us has seen that side of each other. Ze husband and I are usually indoors and love being lazy at home but once in a while we also allow ourselves to explore certain things we have not before. I am just happy I get to spend something for the first time with mi love 😀

What bonding activity do you enjoy going with your spouses?

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