Back from the Dungeon

Well hello there! I can’t believe how time went by so so  quickly and I just ran here and there and suddenly it’s been two months since my last post, wah!!! I’ll get old faster at this rate *shudder* lols!

Just a quick rundown of what I have been up to these days – running (as in im getting some serious legs mileage), my kids’ birthday (both my daughters have birthdays in May), cooking (some experimenting in the kitchen of muscle building meals for me and hubby for our daily office food) and well – shopping (not so much – mostly of house stuff for our cribbo in PH)

I’d also use the writer’s block excuse since there are days when I am in the office and can manage a few 15-20 minute post but lately the juices are really running low or even out. I can’t get myself to write. I hope to finish this dry spell ASAP. But for now, thanks for reading this post. Will try to update more often 😀














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