Weekly Office Makeup Looks and Mini Review on Theme Korean Makeups

I know there are bazillion makeup brands in Korea but I am grouping my usage based on what I have so I can use all the makeup in my stash so the three brands mentioned are the ones I often use

Monday – Brand Focus: Etude House
I am a huge fan of Etude House products and to say that I have one makeup item from this brand is an understatement so it’s kind of expected that this would headline my korean cosmetic week on a Monday

Products Used
Primer: Face Blur – the primer I use when I didn’t get enough sleep hehe. It illuminates the face while holding your makeup really well / Color Correcting: Magic Any Cushion (Beige) – I use this to balance the color of face blur to my skin tone since I am more on the yellow side, although on hot days it makes me feel eeky / Foundation: Stay Up Foundation – light to medium coverage, not so lasting but not cakey, which is good for SG weather /
Eyes: My Little Nut Palette 1 – my favorite eyeshadow palette  so far from Etude House /
Blush: Berry Delicious Cream blush – from their spring collection in 2016. Gives a dewy
finish but it’s not really cream, the texture is more like wet powder blusher 😀 / Lipstick: Lips Talk Chiffon in 109 – (aka the Lily May Mac shade) glides nicely but doesn’t last long

Tuesday – Brand Focus: TheFaceShop
Their collabs never disappoint

Products Used:
Base: My Other Bag Long Lasting Cushion – I like that this has medium coverage because that time of the week I was having some crazy hormonal imbalance that I feel like my skin is acting out worst than me throwing tantrums / Lip Tint: Ink Lipquid Pink Hommage PK04 – Said to be the shade Suzy used in Uncontrollably Fond; love this tint because it is long lasting and very hydrating on the lips / Eyes: Kakao Friends Eyeshadow Palette – Patience is a virtue when blending eye makeup and it specially applies to  inexpensive makeup brands. The colors turn out great with great patience 😀 (used 2, 4, 5) Cheeks – Used TFS eyeshadow (the pink without the heart shape on the powder) just to comment on the overall quality of TFS eyeshadow pots – they are better than Etude House’s in that they dont disintegrate too much when rubbing the brush

Wednesday – Brand Focus: Innisfree
I usually buy Innisfree makeup to fill-up my “minimum $$ purchase” which turns out good products so this brand is also growing in on me.

Products Used: Base – Long Lasting Cushion – lasts really long, promise! / Eyes – Individual Eyeshadow pots in Shimmer 01 and 04 + Eye Countouring Stick in #3 (love this shade) /
Lips – Real Fit Tint (can’t find this anymore in the SG site) but it’s good. Very long  lasting

Thursday – Was rushing to go to work as I have a 10am meeting so I didn’t get to put makeup

Friday – No work = No makeup 😀

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