Weekly Office Makeup Looks, Mini Reviews on Theme “High End Makeups”

It was a week of buttery shadows and sheer blush for my office makeup theme last last week and it came with a challenge. Being a working mom, just like any type of moms, there are days when even if you plan something ahead of time it still won’t go as planned. You’ll notice my pictures for this series have a neat flatlay since I planned it days before so some were changed also during the process because as it turns out they don’t look good combined hihihi…

Monday – Brand Focus: MAC

I had to rush getting myself ready and by rush I mean 15 mins. From bathing to toothbrush to makeup I didn’t get to dry my hair anymore else my kids would be late in school. Product focus: MAC (not so high end but let’s say this is on the more expensive side)

The eyeshadow palette was the limited ed Wonder Woman palette which was released some 6-7 years ago but you’d notice that the palette is barely touched. I didn’t get to use it often because I am terrible at eyeshadow application. It was just recently that I became experimental so everything’s having a good rotation. All items are MAC (except the blusher). I was sure I did a pretty decent job with my makeup just that I can’t prove it [because pic or it didn’t happen :P] hehe.

Tuesday – Brand Focus: Chanel

Another rush morning for me; so rushed I decided to just do my makeup in office but I still did a terrible job despite having enough time because I was doing my makeup in the toilet and I heard so many unnecessary noises that I fear all that bacteria will go to my makeup so I had to do “quick swipes and close container” maneuvers so the eye makeup as in photo is the best I could do.

Another revelation in this group – the Etude House BB cream. Soooo love it! Although they are having some major product revamps this year and I haven’t seen that section of the brand in a while so I don’t know if it’s still in stores. I just have samples and because I’m on no makeup buy, every piece of sample is a lifeline 😀

Wednesday – I worked from home so nada

Thursday – Brand Focus – Dior

Used Limited Edition Blusher (2017 Spring) and Eyeshadow Palette (2016 Holidays). The photo includes the Dior lippie (same shade used by JLaw in the lippie campaign) but I changed it to Marc Jacobs and Dior gloss because it’s mismatchingly pink 😀

Fave look of the week 😀


Friday – Brand Focus: Mix and Match of my Kinda Expensive Makeup

Base: Lancome / Eyes: Naked Palette 2 (colors 2, 6, 11 – based in order in the case starting from left) / Lips: YSL (can’t remember the shade # but it kinda taste like watermelon hihihi) / Highlighter: Guerlain Meteorites


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