Weekly Makeup plus Mini Reviews – Japanese Brand Eyeshadows

Will make a quick post today regarding my office make up on week of March 27 to March 31. Last week’s theme is all about Japanese brand makeup but since I don’t have a lot of it, it will just be “Japanese brand eye makeup” My latest liking to Japanese brand makeup started when I found out that my colleague is going to Japan so I kind of made a research what brands are available in Japan that aren’t readily available in SG and I discovered a lot. So much that I decided not to ask her to buy anymore, lols.

I only have three looks this week because I worked from home for two days. Anyway, here are some product breakdown plus mini review

Day 1 – Product Focus: Can Make Eyeshadow Palette – used 4 colors except the powdery white shade
Primer: Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer and Dior Dream Skin (not exactly sure of what dream skin does for my skin but on instances that I use it I find my makeup appearing natural and healthy looking)
Base: Etudehouse Precious Mineral BB Cream (LE – Snow White) – I rarely use this product before because I find it lighter than my skin tone but I guess the recent improvement on my skin makes it a good base (not sure how that happens but it very well did me good) plus I am learning the light strokes techniques in my application so it appears more natural now. Not so dewy which is good for my combi skin.
Eyebrows – Etudehouse Perfect Brow Kit – would say this is my holy grail eyebrow product mainly because I have already perfected the use of this plus it’s not so expensive and takes forever to finish hehe.
Eyeshadow primer – NARS – Not used other eyeshadow primer apart from urban decay but I would say this is a very good product. I don’t retouch my eye makeup for the whole day hihi
Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Doll Eye – I wanted something that would add volume to my eyelashes which got the SA wondering when I already have dense lashes and she kept giving me another item but I insisted on this one so you would mostly see me use this because amongst my makeup, eyelashes is not something I am very very particular about. (thanks parents for good genes hehe)
Other eye products – Sephora pencil eyeliner and Etudehouse gel liner – just felt like using many products – which makes me think this is the reason why my eyes are feeling stuffy as of late.
Blush – Can Make – for the purpose of aligning on my theme
Lips – Etude House Wonder Fun Park RD318 – suprised at the longevity because I always find etude house lipsticks very luckluster. This shade matches my look well plus it has good staying power

Day 2 – Product Focus: Esprique Eyeshadow – got these some weeks back out of curiosity and Im happy to report I did not regret buying it. Priced at SG$15 per shade, this eyeshadow glides like a dream, texture is buttery and nice to blend. I have searched for the best matte brown for everyday use and I think this is it (shades BR 305 and 302)
Primer – Shu Uemura – adds brightness to my overall look
Eyebrow – Tarte – second lease on this product because I found it difficult to use before. Now, its my everyday “looking like my brows wasn’t madeup look”
Base – Apieu x Doraemon – the base I use if I want the no makeup makeup
Blush – H&M beauty
Lips – Etude House – Twin Shot Lips Tint – If you want gradient lips, this is good. Not so long lasting but the color is lovely

Day 3 – Product Focus – Lunasol Spring 2017 Eyeshadow Palette – it was an impulse statement on my IG when I said this product would be my first hit pan. I used the brown that time and loved it but after using Esprique and the other shades in this palette I’m guessing it wouldn’t be so much of my go-to. It’s good but can be better. Maybe their other mainstay palettes are good?
Blush – Nars Orgasm
Base – ChosungAh22 + NARS – no specific reason for the double, I just felt like using it that day and so I looked ghostly-white =))
Lips – VDL – end up not liking the shade with my overall look so I added a lip gloss (not in photo)

What Japanese cosmetic brand you like most?

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