March 2017 Favorites

It’s been so so so long (about a year ago?!) since I last did a favorites post meaning it was just a one off for me haha! But I am on a 150-days no buying of makeup challenge starting last week so there will be plenty of rotation that will done in the following months so I hope this favorites post will be a regular thing.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the month of March

1) Etude House Wonder Fun Park Collection – I first got a hold of this collection when I asked a friend to get me the eyeshadow palette in Korea. SG released it a bit later so
I reviewed it immediately so I can have the first dib (you know like those “first to comment” comments on IG? lols) and provide an immediate feedback. I didn’t like the eyeshadow palette at first because it was a bit hard to blend. That part of me disliking it still hasn’t changed but I altered my strategy and got the etude house eyeshadow brush (the one on top of the hairy notebook) and somehow it did wonders. Still hard to blend but I noticed it’s a bit more pigmented now using the EH brush.


Here’s another look I managed to do with the eyeshadow.

Look 3 – 2 for base, 8 for mid eye and 9 for the lower lid (Looks 1 and 2 and the color numbering can be viewed here)

2) Hakuhodo brushes – I think I am now at the age where I feel so settled with what I have aka indulgent of my comfort zone that I feel my 8-9 year old MAC brushes would not need replacing and would be with me till the end of eternity. Those brushes are one of those things that I spent so much money on that I can still see until now so I am emotionally attached to it. But then one day as I was cleaning them, I saw some signs of aging so I started researching about makeup brushes and found out that Hakuhodo is now being sold in SG *cries tears of joy* I know there are also other good brushes readily available in Sephora but there’s something about Hakuhodo that makes it a “you have to have it” item. It was just a small stand in Takashimaya but the vast selection makes it such a dizzying endeavour – from the sizes to the cuts to where/how one will use it to the hair used in each brushes I had to stop and think well or else I’d go bankrupt. The brushes are so soft and easy to use  especially for me who is just one inch away from the mirror when applying makeup because the handles are shorter than MACs. It’s also low maintenance given that you give it a good tissue wiping after each use.


3) Dior blush and bloom – I only have 2 Dior makeup items in my collection – an eyeshadow palette and lipstick. Sometimes I have this tendency to matchy matchy my eyeshadow brand with my blush (or is it just a lousy excuse so I can buy more than one item per brand?! lols) The thing is, when I saw this being posted by beauty bloggers, I immediately went to my nearest Dior counter since I feel this is the perfect blush partner for my Dior eyeshadow palette but upon checking they told me it’s already sold out and would never restock. But the lady in Takashimaya Dior said they would restock on Mar-08 and give me a call. I waited all day Mar-08 but nada so I have already accepted my fate that I will never have this. But then came Mar-09, around 6pm I got the magic call and boom! Mar-09 8pm I have a new blusher wahahaha! Loved it because of the beautiful design and the subtle flush and dewy effect it gives.


4) Dior Forever Cushion – I am a hardcore Korean cushion fan (innisfree, etudehouse, laneige, apieu are my current cushion collection) and even on my upgrade I want to still go Korean (was looking at Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo) but this month has been a Dior month for me and the Forever Cushion is no exception. When I got my Dior Blush and Bloom, the SA gave me a voucher for a free eyeshadow mini on my next purchase so I decided to get the cushion so I can get the eyeshadow mini (I’m shallow, yes) It was love a first try for me. I have combination skin which has a high risk of looking like an oily mess
to cushion who gives so much dewy effect and Dior Forever Cushion provides me with right coverage without being too dewy or having heavy coverage. Since I also work on improving my facial skin, it would be unfair to just cover it all with makeup so the right balance between having subtle dewy complexion plus not too cakey face is what I loved about Dior.

5) Dear Darling Tint – No long stories for this one. I just love it because it’s very hydrating and has good pigmentation but not the type that would stay on even after the next day. Plus it’s only $9.90!!! ‘Nuff said. *mic drop* lols! [same dear darling tint as in photo above]

6) Ampoules – I have started adding ampoules on my skincare regimen and I could swear how it has brought some pleasant and nice changes in my skin – texture, elasticity and radiance-wise. I am specifically using the Soo Beaute Bee Propolis Ampoule I got at Sasa for $35.90 during the day and Bergamo Whitening Ampoule I got at Robinsons for almost the same price as in the Bee Propolis and for that price both ampoules has delivered. My pores are much less visible now plus the radiance it gives is something I didn’t know I was missing in my routine. Two thumbs up.


What made you gush this March? 🙂

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