My First Dibs on Nyx Lip Lingerie #18

Hey hey! Its been forever since I last posted something mainly because I am busy with prepping for our quick beach getaway and now that it’s done I think I can now go back to regular programming.

End of 2016, I kept on telling myself that on 2017 I’ll be sticking to brands like Chanel and Dior for my makeup so I don’t make unnecessary small purchases that end up doing more damage to my credit card. But as I enter 2017 I have a new found appreciation for Nyx Cosmetics and then, I am back to little miss small purchase 😀

After getting their strobing palette I suddenly saw myself frequenting their boutique in Bugis and my latest purchase is the newly released (in SG) shades for the Lip Lingerie. And since I am trying to limit my makeup expenses I only got one shade and it is the No.18. It is Nude but not so, kind of like the MAC Mariah line only this is cream and matte.

First thoughts – it glides well and holds for a long time. To me, it kinda feels the same as Kat Von D’s liquid lippies except that Nyx is a little on the dry side and that my lips would sometimes stick together when its been shut for a while (so best to keep on talking while using this lols!)

Here is the look I had after I tried it.

The look on the left is the Nyx Lip Lingerie. I just posted the look on the right because I am amazed at how much your overall look can change just by the lipstick shade you use! (Left I look like the sales agent who sold me timeshare and on the right I tried to copy Maxine Medina’s miss universe red lippie but I end up looking like an auntie nyahaha)

Retails at SGD20.

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