Why Do Some People Think It’s OK To Meddle On Other People’s business?

Why do some people think it’s ok to meddle on other people’s business?

Im trying to be calm and cool so I hope I don’t come out as the opposite. Anyway, so I met up earlier with a friend over lunch and after eating, I made a quick trip to a department store who’s currently having a CNY sale. I have been eyeing this jar since last week, somehow it was expensive so that’s what’s holding me back from buying but since it is on 30% sale, I decided to get 2 pieces of it.

While on the payment queue, this auntie in front of me asked me to watch over her bag full of items because she’s just going to get another item. She was like, ‘Can you just watch over this I’ll just be quick’ and since there was nothing else I could do, I was ‘Ok sure’ and true enough she was quick and back in the queue in a jiffy. She was restless. I don’t know why but she kept looking around maybe looking for something even she doesn’t know what. And then, the unfortunate happened. Her eyes met my hands and then she said ‘oh you only have 2 items, wanna go before me?’ because I don’t want to be indebted to people, I just said ‘no it’s okay’ with a smile, faint smile but a smile nonetheless. I thought the whole ‘I want to check out the person behind me’ shebang was over when she talked to me again and we had a mini conversation that went:

person in front of me: ‘what are you buying?’
me: ‘oh some jar’
PIFOM: ‘how much is it’ *like seriously, why do you care???**leave me alone*
me: *shows the price tag*
PIFOM: ‘oh that’s so expensive, you know you can buy those jams and get the jar’
me: *gives a fake smile**deep inside I was “f*** leave me alone”*
me again: leaves the queue after 40 seconds…………. pissed………….. baffled……………

Why does this always happen to me? I don’t even think I look like a nice person that would readily engage in an uncessary conversation such as this but it always happens to me. Like one time I was eating porridge when the person beside me remarked “you know porridge makes you fat” in my mind I went “wheeeeere did that come from???” I was so ready to pour my bowl of porridge to that person, but then that porridge costs $8 so it would be such a waste to spill it on nasty people.

So I ask again “Why do some people think it’s ok to meddle on other people’s business?” Unless perhaps, it’s an emergency then its okay, but shopping
and food, really, why? We are not friends. K Thanks Bye………

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