Trying out Nyx Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

So last Christmas (I gave you my heart 😅) Nyx Singapore has this seven days of Christmas promotion going on where they have a few items on discount per day and of the few products, what captured my attention was the Strobe of Genius Illuminating palette. That deal was good since they were selling it at $25 from the original price of $32.

I was able to convince myself I didn’t need it then since, well, who does strobing in a 9-6 office setup?! lols well atleast I don’t.

But that denial left me having haunting thoughts as to why I didn’t get it despite the discount me being the ultimate discount girl.

I happen to pass by Nyx’s Bugis shop so whatevs I decided to finally get it after feeling the texture. In all fairness to Nyx despite having a lot of missing items, their sales staff were good and really helps you out with your needs.



Im still not good at using it so pardon some incorrectness but here’s the look I came up with. Shot in natural light. Main points would be the side of the eyes (used no. 3 as in palette above), the highest point of the nose (used no.1 as in above palette), and the cheeks (used number 7 at the highest point of the cheeks, number 5 just below it and number 6 below 5 which I also used as blusher) To tone down the brightness, I mixed number 2 and 4 and dab it in the apple of my cheeks. For a bit of natural look, I used Mariah Carey MAC lipstick in MCIzzle and lip gloss in Just Like Honey. This strobing thing looks really good in photos but Im still not used to seeing myself with all that shimmer hah!

On another look, I just changed my lippie into a more obvious color – Laneige Two Tone lip bar in No.14. I also used a darker contouring cream which made my nose line more obviously crooked 😂


Do you use highlighter everyday, if yes, is it not too highlight-y? 😀


3 thoughts on “Trying out Nyx Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette

      1. Haha, I see. I had the worst experience with it. I went to an event and with in an hour the glitter was all over my ace and it was so awkward. Ever since I haven’t used it and I have 7 Glitter Palettes lol.
        Hmm, good idea. Thanks!


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