Mariah Carey x MAC – My Super Mini Haul (and partial trauma)

Some two weeks ago, I received an email from MAC (being a member) that they will finally be launching the Mariah Carey limited edition makeups in time for their latest standalone store opening in Ion Orchard. I was thrilled. First because I have been seeing this collection in IG for a while (bloggers have access way ahead of the launch) and second because I am a Mariah Carey fan. I would always tell myself that if I were to join a singing contest I would definitely sing a Mariah Carey song even if it would cost me my spot and be mocked by the judges hihihihi! (but Im sure I won’t bahaha, joke!) So you can just imagine how thrilled I was. No, you don’t have to imagine, read on cos I’m gonna tell some more šŸ˜›

The MAC Ion store opened last December 16 and as early as December 10 I have already planned my strategy on how I’ll be one of the firsts to score that mimi makeup! I was literally having sleepless nightssss that up until now I still feel really sleepy from all the hours spent waking up in the middle of the night strategizing (I know, Im psycho!)

So on December-15 I decided not to go and just wait for all the craziness to subside and just perhaps order online because too many people scares the shit out of me. But I am not a quitter, lunch break last Friday after checking hashtags on IG and Twitter about the festivities at Ion, there seems to be little to no post about it so I was sure I would still be one of the firsts to get the makeup plus avail of the 20% discount and the free gifts. Actually no, forget the free gifts I just want my lipstick!

Well hello there disappointment, we meet again. I had to queue at the basement of Ion along with some 60-70 people with no clue as to what time I would be able to get in. I was ready, I had bread incase I got hungry and I had my KDrama downloaded so I wouldn’t be bored waiting. But an hour into waiting, Im still stuck in the same spot with the little movements just due to people leaving out of frustration. Man I was nearly going to cry. And because I had to go back to the office after my lunch break I just told myself if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. Imma get that lipstick no matter what or maybe next week.

So I left the queue.

Walking towards the office, I was trying to make myself feel good by saying “why do I upset myself over a lipstick when there are wars going on, there are people who cannot eat etc…” you know, some mental pat in the back or skull or cheeks or whatever. I was emotionally drained. Like I waited for this the whole week only to go home (or go back to office) empty handed. Good thing my husband picked me up that night and we ate fried chicken and then I somehow felt better šŸ˜€

All the opening specials at the MAC Ion store finished on Sunday so on Monday, I tried my luck and here they are, my glittery goodness in a box *crying* It was everything I imagined it to be. Worth all the meltdowns lols. As expected, there were items that were sold out like the bronzing powder (with the cute mariah face on it lols) and brushes and some shades of the lipglass, luckily I managed to get one of the last two lip glasses. Blushers were also still available but I have already used up all my makeup shopping credits for this month so Im good with these šŸ˜€


*Sings* If you should return to meeeee, we truly are meant to be. Sooooo spread your wings and fllyyyyy butterflyyyyyy…………….

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