Biotherm Life Plankton Essence Review

So I’m doing a quick review of the Biotherm Life Plankton Essence because I found the urge to do so with the recent developments I encountered with this product hihihi. I’m not doing this with a bucket full of angst, it’s just that I feel this is the right time lols.

I discover the brand earlier this year via Facebook when they were giving out free samples and since it was free, ofcourse I gave it a try to see if this can be a good (and less expensive) alternative to SKII. After using 2-3 sachets, I saw that my skin became dewy and has that nice glow. I was so impressed that I bought a full sized bottle which costs around $79 (compared to SKII’s three digit price tag)

It was impressive at first but later on I noticed that my skin became excessively oily and I had breakouts. I dismissed the thought of Biotherm causing the breakout, I somehow gave it the benefit of the doubt that maybe it was because of my hormones and all. Anyway I stopped so as not to aggravate it.

After that time of the month passed I still did not use it because of fear that I might have breakouts again that I’ve forgotten I had that barely used bottle of skincare item sitting on my vanity. I  just decided to give it a try again around two weeks ago since I don’t want to feel bad about wasting my money and maybe it will be better this time. But alas, it is still as bad as the first time I used it. Last week I was using it in the morning and somehow it is still ok (not SKII kind of okay but ok as in “maybe I should just endure so I don’t waste my money kind of OK) but this week I was using it morning and night and after two days, the horror of oily skin and breakouts is back with a vengeance!


This experience somehow proved my theory that cosmetic companies use different formulas for their samples. Why is it good in samples but ludicrously bad in the full sized?!

Verdict: I am NOT gonna use this thing ever again. Now I am left with the burden of making my skin better again just in time for Christmas. Wahhh! Booo to this product!

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