How I used my Nyx Pigments

On my last post about Nyx Cosmetics, a huge chunk of that haul is made up of the Nyx Cosmetic pigments. I bought it both out of curiosity and also because I wanted something unique to buy at Nyx hehe. During that time, all I know is that it is used to add some sparkle on the eyes/eyeshadow but I have researched on it and found other uses of it so here’s me breaking it down for yah so you can maximize those SGD10 per jar pigments.

1) Blusher – When my daughter have school events, I would always try to dress down so as not to overshadow her moments in school. Same goes for makeup, I always go for super lowkey and sometimes no makeup at all. But during my last parent-teacher meeting, I decided to have the pigment as blusher look – I mixed the pigment with my laneige gel cream and pat it on my cheeks using a bb cushion sponge and ta-da my super shimmery shiny blush. I loved the subtle glow of it, the kind of “I put some ice cubes on my face” look, although it was super hot that day that I was super conscious my kid’s teacher would think my face is full of sebum. I would recommend this on a cold day, or gloomy day or night so you’d look fresh even if it’s dark or cold or when your skin if feeling dry.


2) Add shimmer on the lips – (NOTE: please check first the shade of your pigment if it is suitable for lip application, for Nyx this info is on their website) I am a matte lippie person since I am always in the office or I just find shimmery lippies overwhelming for my already
full lips. But if you are bored with your usual mattes or just thought of adding some effects
on that sexy lips, try adding shimmers


3) Nail art – This is just the right bling for the festive season! I know there are nail polishes
out there that has glitter in it or metallic nail polish to minimize the effort but for those glittery nail polishes, eventually after a few days of it being there on my nails
it just somehow dries up and the small foils would end up being sharp that it would scratch my skin. Pigments as nail art is the solution I have thought of. What I did – 1) I applied 2 coatings of the nail polish first 2) Put the pigments in a pile use the finger to dab it in my nails before the nail polish completely dries up and if it’s thick I blow it and voila glitters in my fingers (haha, that rhymessssssss!)


I have not yet tried it on my eyes so perhaps I’ll put a separate post on it. But for now, I am seriously enjoying the things I was able to do on with my pigments 😀

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