Nyx Singapore Stand Alone Store Haul

A few weeks ago, Nyx has finally opened a standalone store in Singapore at Bugis Junction. During the day of the opening, thay had an opening salvo wherein the first 200 people to queue for the store opening will get a goodie bag – $200 worth of makeup products for the
first 10 or 50 I think $150 worth of products for the next 50-100 people and $100 for the rest (or maybe lesser from the 150th person to the 200th) I wanted to queue up that morning and as weird as it sounds, my husband even gave his approval haha but I remembered having to do so many chores because it was a Saturday so it was all for naught.


To be honest, I am not a huge Nyx fan. I just have a few lip products from them and that’s it but based on the photos posted on IG, the store looks interesting plus they are also selling pigments which is a product that I’ve been so curious with for the longest time so
I ended up going anyway only a few days after it was just a small store and being the opening week it was so hard to move around because the store was being swarmed with Nyx fans and makeup fans alike.

After moving around or well, checking here and there because even if you are stuck in a corner you can see almost all the display, I got 2 eyeshadow pots – the seriously bright ones bordering neon-ish shades (SGD10 each), eyebrow pencil (the one with brow highlighter on the other end SGD20) and a few pigments (SGD10 each). I spent $60 so I got this lip-shaped pouch which just adds up to my ‘free makeup pouches’ collection. Not sure if I liked it or not but im sure it will come in handy someday so Im just gonna leave it there in my secret pouch collection stash 😀

I’ve always been curious about pigments because for some reason it keeps popping on my IG feed and since MAC pigments albeit good is not something I am willing to (burn) spend money on, I gave the Nyx ones a try.

What are pigments? Well, based on my research they are shimmery loose powders with different colors and different functions. You can use it dry or wet/cream-like (mix with eye cream or your usual moisturizer) depending on the effect you want to achieve.
You can use it as eyeshadow, blusher, nail glitter,lip glitter, highlighter. It’s very multi purpose. I haven’t used it that much but I tried to swatch them and man they sparkle!!! Will update the blog with other uses of these pigments so wait for it, OK?!

So there’s my Nyx story for today. What’s your favorite Nyx product?

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