Etude House My Little Nut Holiday 2016 Collection – My Haul

Whoever is the person/team that thought of Etude House’s Christmas collection this year, can I give you a warm virtual hug?

Yes ladies and gentlemen, they did it again (or shall I say they did awesome x 100 this year) Etude House’s Christmas collection has finally marched it’s way in the SG stores and is making me partially crazy, lols! With the Nutcracker for this year’s theme, Etude House brings in limited edition items such as eyeshadow palettes, blending 101 stick, play 101 pencil, lipsticks, hand creams and perfumes designed with different nutcracker characters.

When I saw the video teaser in Etude House’s official IG page, my first thought was that “nutcracker? so, its the same as in MAC?”

But when I saw both MAC’s and EH’s products, I know I had to hoard on Etude House’s. Sorry MAC loyalists, I know their quality is far from each other it’s just that I find MAC so so so overwhelming this year due to them releasing so many limited edition items that it is somehow disturbing that they release items because of the packaging and not because they have some breakthrough products or something.

Anyway, going back. So I watched the EH video over and over again to have an idea which one to pick so that as soon as they release it i’ll just have some grab and go moment so as not to buy any other items apart from the Christmas collection. I decided I’ll just get the eyeshadow palette eventhough I just got the pink skull palette last month because the colors seems to match my warm skintone.

In the store, they have this gift sets and I got curious on one gift set because it included a pouch and eyeshadow brushes. The SA said I didn’t have to get that exact gift set, I just need to spend $60 to get the free gift. So on top of the eyeshadow palette (retailing at $25.9) I also got the cheek beam which is a liquid highlighter (retailing at $14.90) and another item that I didn’t include in the photo because I plan to give it as a gift. Here’s my haul.

As expected, the eyeshadow palette colors are lovely. At $25.90 one should not expect this to have very fine powders ala shu uemura but the quality, compared to the other EH limited edition palettes are much much better.

I also tried the cheek beam because upon swatching it just gives a subtle glow, not the kind that you’d be mistaken for a disco ball. I have a thing for sheer makeup because I want to have more of my skin and facial parts only better kind of impression.

So hurry down your nearest etude house store or online site and grab these items now! You won’t regret it 😄

What holiday collection are you keen to get this 2016?

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