Not a Barbie Girl in a not so Barbie world… 

Some people might think that everyday I wake up, look in the mirror and say “fuck im so pretty” because I post selfies or talk about vanity on my IG. But no, I don’t. Growing up, I was always told I had huge ears, big eyes and thick lips and so I never really find myself pretty. I hide all these flaws like I never tied my hair so my ears won’t show or I won’t wear lip gloss because it makes my lips look fuller. I didn’t go around attempting to look good because really what for? Although there’s one flaw that really bothered me – my teeth – so I had braces to got that fixed but that’s it. My insecurities never got the best of me because, in my opinion, I am smart, and that’s more important (I am always in section 1 and I had a scholarship in college to prove my point bwahahahaha!)

Accepting my flaws both physical and character gave me a sense of peace that I eventually learnt to give zero fucks about what other people has to say about me. Because you see, some people would say I look good and some people say I don’t so instead of confusing myself, I just decided to live however I want, free from opinion and scrutiny. And it also helps to be married to someone who is very good at shrugging things off that doesn’t really matter aka my husband hihihi…

Me: *blabbering about the littlest of things for 10 minutes*
Husband: Hayaan mo na yun (let it go)
Me: *wtf, wasted 10 mins only to be told to let it go…..*

So what’s my problem then? Haha! I read somewhere that people these days are so into social media that we fail to enjoy the moment. Like we take videos in concert instead of just being in the moment. We are too busy documenting our lives on social media just to feel good that we are doing well compared to those on our friends list. Ofcourse I am guilty of that say I post a selfie on IG, although in my defense (lols)  it’s mainly because I am impressed with my recent improvement in putting on makeup it’s like my virtual pat in the back.

Your page your rules and you can ofcourse post whatever the fuck you want to post. But personally, I am choosing to spend my precious time with my loved ones that I don’t see the need to post every single move I make just to prove a point. If I post 274,186 photos of my kids online, will that be a proof I am a good mother? My mother is a good mother but I have 0 photos from my childhood because she’s focused on being that.

I am fine being thought of as <insert ugly adjectives and nouns here> except being superficial. I don’t sit still and look pretty, bitch. I work my ass off, I think, I read, I try to as much as possible attend to all my household’s needs. I dream, I want to be an action star, I want to go to Korea and eat authentic spicy rice cakes.

I eat chores for breakfast that’s why I am fat because I have a lot of it!

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