Two Looks One Palette – Etude House Play Color Eyes In the Cafe Palette

After my Etude House winnings and appreciating the Play Color Eyes Ice Van palette (which I will review later since I used it the other day in the office thus no photo) I have a new found appreciation on EH’s eyeshadows particularly their palette. It’s exactly what I wanted – not too pigmented, easy to blend, the color combinations are nice and the powder doesn’t fly around when you use them.

During my store grab, I got a bit hesitant picking this up since most of my eyeshadow, as I perceived it, are mostly browns but when I checked the palette again at the store and checking my eyeshadow collection, some browns are just better on the In the Cafe palette. Luckily, I have a Suntec City $5 voucher so despite the original price tag of $35.90, I got the palette at $30.90. Not to shabby for a palette of 10 colors! Yahoo!

The play color eyes in the cafe palette is, for me a versatile palette because you can from day to night – from a simple everyday earth/nude look to a fierce/shimmery night-out with the girls look. It has 10 colors which you can play around and combine different colors of to create the look that you want.


(Note: I used the sponge applicator that came together with the palette but it doesn’t seem to pick up much powder on the mattes. But its okay when using eyeshadow brush)

Here is the palette and the numbers in it represent the colors I used to create the look in my eye.


While my kids are asleep, I got a chance to play with the palette and  created 2 looks with the help of just one brush – the Etude House 311 blending brush. Perhaps you can create a more polished look if you use say a MAC brush but with this, Im trying to see also if we can have different looks just by using one brush.

For this look (more appropriate at daytime) I used No.4 as base, No.3 on the edge of the lid and No.8 on the inner lid

On the second look, I used No. 6 as base, No. 7 on the outer lid and No.10 on the inner lid. This one could be done as an evening look as the pigment is heavier. I like this really although I don’t think I could wear it in the office (or maybe Im gonna try atleast once hehehe)


Used No. 1 on both looks just below the arch of my brows to highlight.

Here’s another look at the contrasts (without eyeliner)


With 10 colors in the palette there are more combinations or looks that can be done just by mixing and matching. So please excuse me while I still work on that. Will post again once I have come up with more In the Cafe looks ^.^


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