It’s Skin Haul August 2016

Last Friday I decided to finally feed my curiosity and checked out what this Korean cosmetic store Its Skin has to offer. I first found out about their brand at Althea Korea because they were selling the Power 10 Formula effector there but then I decided not to buy because I have not heard of the brand at all.

Although, everytime I go to Bugis Junction and drop by Innisfree or Etude House (those two brands are just beside It’s Skin) I can almost hear it tell me “come and give us a try!” ermmm… Am I hearing voices? Have I gone crazy?! Wahaha! I think that’s what happens when you’re too broke and you still keep on shopping 😜 So after spending more than 35 minutes at the shop, this is what I managed to get


It’s Top Professional Dual Eyebrow Tint & Cara (SGD24) – Im obsessed with my eyebrows so this is a somehow obvious choice. It’s like a double-ended pen with one end as tint (literally like a marker pen) and the other end is a small, very fine browcara. I picked it because the cara end, as much as I love my TFS browcara that one has big brushes. I’ve tried using this twice now and the tint doesn’t get easily removed even with makeup remover. You still have to wash it well with soap and water to remove it.

Power 10 Effector (SGD19.90) – there are a lot of choices for this one depending on your skin concern. The SA even told me like – if you want to have less sebum you dab it on your T-zone then you use another one if you want to have whiter skin and dab another one for your wrinkles. Like uhm, I do not have that much time to put all sorts of things on my face 😁 but I got the green one which focuses on sebum control. Used it today and so far so good.

Baby Face Creamy Lip Liner (SGD5) – I needed a few small things to fill the $50 minimum purchase to be a member so I picked this. I like that they offer non usual colors like metal pink so yeah, you had me at metal pink. The SA who’s very nice to me all throughout my nearly one hour shopping gave me a few GWP like power 10 samples, d’escargot cream (the d’escargot line is their star item) and a water bottle. The membership card (membership is lifetime) also has faces of Korean celebrity whom I only knew was GOT7, (sorry Im not very familiar but I’ve heard a few songs 😁)

They also have some cutesy products like macaron lip balm so I might pick that one up someday.
Have you tried any item from It’s Skin?

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