H&M Beauty Haul September 2016

H&M Beauty was officially launched in Singapore – the first in Asia – a day after my birthday on their flagship store at Somerset. I don’t want to muscle my way through the craziness plus it was a bit far from where I usually am (office/house) so I told myself I’ll just get some items once the excitement/panic has subsided. But as if the universe conspired to make things easier for me (hey universe, how about shower me with 1 million dollars, ya?) they also brought the beauty section to the H&M store that is very near my office. So, I rushed my 7K run the other night – I had a record 46mins for 7K – just to make it a bit early to their Raffles Place store and yes, I was right, it was makeup heaven! Additional points that the store isn’t crowded so it was more fun to look around and check on the items.

They had a promotion wherein if you buy 5 or more pieces, you’ll get a 20% discount. During my first visit, I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity so I just picked a blusher and a lipstick, both have good reviews, so I told myself “cool, I’m good with two”

But then I also told myself “man, that 20% off is a good deal, I need to go back” so I went back the following day and got myself the other good review items like cream and powder shadow. There are more people on my second visit so exploring on the items was a bit hard now.

The best part I think is that for the powder eyeshadow and lipstick, there are so many colors to choose from. For the lipsticks, there’s a wide range of reds and browns, the eyeshadows also have a wide range of browns/nudes. It’s also interesting that the price for the whole beauty range does not go beyond SGD19.90

the eyeshadow case
the eyeshadow powder

My picks: blusher in Cameo Pink (SGD14.9), cream lipstick in Biscotti (SGD14.9), cream shadow in Opening Night and Champers (SGD9.90) personally I find this worth my money because the pot is big and deep so there was a generous amount of cream shadow there or atleast that’s the illusion the jar gives, powder shadow in Robusta and Mojave (SGD9.90) and lip crayon in ($9.90) I also got a free face mask because I have this tiny voucher presented during payment.





One thing that somehow put me a little off is that once you’re at the cashier, they’d open all your items for you to check, thing is, usually unopened makeup items have longer expiration times so once its opened the expiration clock would already start ticking so you would not be able to keep it for long. But then again why wait haha. But really its more of a “stocking” thing for me.

So excited to use them all!

UPDATE: Used the eye shadows, blusher and lipstick today and was able to get this look

Eyes – Base is Mojave, Outer lid is Robusta and Inner lid is Opening Night; loved how seamless the look was after blending and the powder itself doesn’t disintegrate when rubbing with the eyeshadow brush

Blusher – loved this shade on my skin (im an NC30 on MAC) as it appears to just be a natural flush and not look like I was slapped hard 😛

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