Laneige Cushion Review

During the launch event of the Laneige cushion, I asked the beauty advisor there what’s the difference with the new cushion (I tried the Pore Control range) from the previous versions since I had to make sure I got more moos on my moolah, and she said that it is now more long lasting and it effectively controls sebum 6 times better than the previous version of the pore control. Woah! Really? So to prove what the BA said, I immediately put the cushion to the test. (Maybe she said that on purpose so I could force myself to try? :D)

Packaging – The case is a bit smaller compared to the older versions and, I dunno, the new case looks more sleek and sophisticated for me plus its in hologram! whuuut! The inside is somewhat honeycomb-y and the thing I noticed is there are traces of bb cream on the sides, I think they are being a generous with the foundation hehehe 😀



Price – From what I heard, the older version refills doesn’t fit the newer ones so if you are a Laneige follower and keen on getting a new cushion, you need to get the whole set (case + the cushion inside + refill) and shell out some $59 dollars. Personally I find it worth the money since those Western brands (except Biotherm) usually comes with hefty price tags without a refill. It somewhat sits around the midrange in terms of price because I have Etude House, Apieu (cheap in GMarket) and Missha and Lancome so if you’re ‘investing’ on cushion and too lazy to go back again to the store, the set of case + 2 refills is a good deal 😀

Usage –  So if you are looking for that sheer, barely there makeup but will make your skin look porcelain-y, this version of the BB cushion is perfect for you. I am looking at sheer products now because I feel I have nicer skin haha and I don’t want to look very madeup in the office. Laneige has always had this sheer coverage so I feel there’s no change except that for this line, I really did notice that it controls the sebum well on my face and the dewy look is not so severe on this one, plus points says my ridiculously oily face! ***I’ve been sweating like crazy this morning on my commute and I noticed that my face is still not “oily enough to fry eggs” kinda oily. Uhmayzedddddddd! But with all that sweat, my makeup was able to hold until 3 hrs.


I also mentioned about your skin looking porcelainy-y because one thing I noticed is that the bb cream is evenly distributed so the finish is smoother and that there are no patches of the product so if you are a cushion newbie you are gonna like this one. The only down side I think is that it feels sticky (but when you touch your face it is not sticky!Amazeballs times 2!) although, generally speaking (or least for the brands I have tried as mentioned above, that’s how BB cushions feels like 😀 In terms of longevity – I have been using the cushion for a while now and have it tested on certain conditions like a) MRT ride + 15 mins walk on intense heat + office aircon b) airconditioned bus ride + 5 mins walk + office aircon. The result of scenario A was mentioned above (in ***) but in scenario B, my makeup was able to hold up until 5-6 hours until I needed to retouch. Good on lazy days.

So if you are still thinking whether or not to get the Laneige cushion… don’t think, just buy, it’s a good product with a good price and highly recommended to those with combi to oily skin since the dewy finish is not so intense.


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