Innisfree Had Me at Gift with Purchase! July 2016 Haul

I have a love-hate relationship with Innisfree since the first time I’ve tried it because I guess sometimes I pick out the wrong products. After Innisfree SG launched their online site – which contains a lot of important information like pricing of all their products (to me this is helpful because if I feel like getting something, I can easily compute if these would be within my budget etc.) and the status of your membership – I had a renewed interest with them and hoarded bought a few items.

One of the main factors also of me shopping at Innisfree is because of their GWP (gifts with purchase) for July. That month they have the Travel to Jeju pouch which has 3 face masks (cucumber, aloe and green tea) and travel size products such as aloe gel, green tea cleansing foam, green tea balancing lotion, and green tea balancing skin (which I am still not sure of exactly what kind of product it is – maybe like an emulsion?) very worth it GWP if I may say since all the products plus the pouch itself would be very useful once you travel.


So what did I get – Body Wash and Lotion for my kids which I have to say are on the pricey side so I may not be getting them again. Although the upside is that it claims to be certified organic so okay, Imma let my kids try some organic stuff once in a while. I also decided to get the green tea seed serum, which is Innisfree’s flagship product because it seems that this is their golden egg product and a lot of beauty junkies like it. Well I tried it once last night and I love the texture, but along with the cream, it will be a better concoction of beauty regime for night time. My face needs less moisturizing at day anyway. I also got some nail polish – their summer colors. I love the colors its just that the nail polish only lasts for a good three to four days and it starts to chip here and there, and I’m not even doing heavy washing with my hands! Can’t complain much though for a four dollar nail polish 😀

What’s your favorite Innisfree product?

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