My Style My Cushion – Customize Your Innisfree Cushion

So on August 15, Innisfree Singapore launched their (not sure if this is the right term) campaign about customized cushions wherein you can choose your cushion, the tool you will use and the case design that you like and viola, customized cushion!


Not clear yet? Well basically there are two types of cushion finishes: the new water fit cushion and the new long wear cover cushion, the first one caters for dry skin and the second one is more suitable to combi/oily skin. Once you have decided on the refill (SGD19) you now choose the tool you will use to, well, put the cushion on your face – there’s air magic puff glow for a dewy finish, air magic puff fitting for a matte finish (puff is as shown below priced at SGD3), the cover stamping puff (same as the clio stamping puff where you will do literal stamping of the sponge to your face to apply/spread the bb cream, this is priced at SGD8 I think or was it SGD8.90) and the cushion brush which is retractable and priced at SGD15. After choosing the tool, you will now be subjected to the daunting task of choosing a case (SGD12) with 100 designs to choose from. And because of the new launch, once you get this set, you will receive another cushion case for free, thus the two cases in the first picture.


I was a bit hesitant to get this at first since there’s only a few weeks left till my birthday month and I want to reserve all my expenditure guns on my birthday what with all the double points but then I want to get the free case so I just went on with it. Luckily I have a lot of points in my account so from original total price of SGD34 (refill+tool+case) I got it for SGD19! Woohoo! Hooray for member points! Ok, going back, because I have a combi/oily skin, I chose the long wear cover cushion. I honestly found Innisfree’s cushion before a bit cakey but I’m willing to give this a try for the sake of science aka experimentation aka shopping. Then for the tool, I wanted to pick the stamping puff but the SA said it doesn’t really pickup the cream from the refill, so I asked how does it work then and she just did some tap-tap motion to demo which I still didn’t understand because I am slow so to make it easier for us I just chose the air magic puff glow because I sort of want some dewy on my bb šŸ˜› then for the case – I went to their bugis junction branch so there were only 40 designs – which was a relief because it’s really overwhelming to be actually choosing from all that cutesy designs! I end up getting the yellow polka dot and violet stripey print. (The complete 100 designs are available at the Vivo City and Ngee Ann City branches.) Tadah! My cushion My Style!


Have you gotten your customized cushion? -S

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