Clozette Style Party 2016

I had the priviledge of joining Clozette.Co’s fifth birthday with the Clozette Style Party held last April 21st to 23rd at the North Wing of the Suntec City Mall in Singapore.

I didn’t get to participate in the previous days but lucky enough to be invited, as VIP on the highlight which was the fashion show of Clozette Ambassadors on ASOS and Mporium pieces.

The event was supposed to start at 5 pm but I arrived just a few minutes before the main event started although that was enough time for me to look around and check out the booths. Those who came in earlier get to enjoy and treat themselves with manicure, hair extensions and free photo, weee! Sad that I didn’t get to enjoy them but atleast I had free coffee from Cafebond and I won a free coffee c/o the Suntec City rewards app 😀


Makeup Demo

Before the fashion show, there was a demo done by morgan of morgan’s beauty breakdown. I am not really a youtube person so I am not well-versed with famous youtubers (sorreeeeee, well I have kids to raise ok, hihi peace! but I am catching up:D) although I remember seeing a video of Morgan one time when I was looking for a review of some makeup. Morgan (@morganbeautybreakdown), Sunny (@sunnydahye) and Francesca (@itsfranxcesca) were the special guests for the Clozette Style party.


Fashion Show

I love that the fashion show was grouped into two parts first is the ASOS apparels and second was Mporium apparels.

  • Can’t help but notice the Yeezy-ish vibe of the men’s clothes during part one.
  • I love the dresses. I want to own them all.

Influencers modelled the clothes so I imagined those that don’t have runway experience must be so nervous or thrilled. Nonetheless, it didn’t show so kudos ladies and gents! You all did well.



Congratulations to Clozette on 5 successful years and cheers to more! Looking forward to more amazing events!

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