Laneige Haul 2016

[NOTE: apologies for the very poor quality photo, im still learning how to use my new camera under lo light :D]

Laneige just launched a new line of BB cushion and it is love at first pat! A few weeks ago, they had a road show at Vivo City to launch their new BB cushion and they offered a lot of promotion there! I just wanted to have the new BB cushion because for some reason (and that reason being I’m childish) I liked the criss cross design of the cushion and the hologramming of the case lols! Before heading down to the road show, I totally psyched myself to not get anything but the cushion and told this a lot of times to myself but I ended up buying the cushion ($59) and the jet curling mascara ($34) because when you get two makeup items (the new cushion being the other one + any other makeup item) you’ll get a pouch  and some travel sized items like the Clear C effector (which I used and really brightens up the face) Lip Mask, Makeup Remover, Mist, Sunblock and Defensor.


I also got this set of Water Bank Cream Gel with Emulsion and Toner in it plus some travel sized items also


and since I exceeded reached $150 I got 5-piece Water Bank Kit which has Moisture Cream, Gel Cream, Essence, Eye Cream and Toner. I got so much travel sized beauty products right now the only missing thing is me travelling 😛


There was a period in time when I stopped using Laneige because I had this jealousy thing going on that made me felt that they made Laneige for the sole use of Song Hye Kyo lols! but then after using water bank (same as the sample above), my faith in them is restored.

What’s your favorite Laneige product? Mine is the Water Bank eye gel which really did lessen the fine lines under my eyes 🙂

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