#LifeisSweet at Etude House Vivo City ❤️

Last July-30, I had the pleasure of attending Etude House Vivo City’s #LifeisSweet event. Well it was actually an Instagram contest ran by Etude House wherein you post a picture of your definition of what makes life sweet and you need to include an Etude House product.

This is the photo I posted with the caption

“Life is sweet when you get to receive funky freebies with your makeup purchase at @etudehousesingapore and my guess is that it will be sweeter if I get to join the fun and games on Saturday with Team Miyake! #LifeIsSweetEtude ❤️”

So I was picked as one of the contestants to battle out with other girls and get a chance to win $200, $300 or $500 worth of prizes. Initially, they didn’t tell the exact prize but as it turns out its that much worth of Etude House products.

So, that day I had another event to go to in the morning. Luckily the Etude House event was at 1 so I just mad rush to Vivo City clad in pink and white in unison with the theme agreed by Team Miyake. As it turns out im the oldest girl there (OMGeee!) the other girls were in their teens lols and the youngest was 16!

Anyways so there were 3 rounds – Round 1 was the whisper challenge where all ten girls in each team (there were two teams – Team Yutakis and Team Miyake) need to name all 15 Etude House products just by reading the mouth(s) of Miyake or Yutakis. The 3 girls in each team who gets the highest scores will advance to the next round. I made it to round 2 wooot!

Round 2 is pictionary. Yutakis and Miyake drew Etude House items and we just had to guess what it was based on the drawings made on a Samsung galaxy tab and shown on the Samsung TV. Unfortunately for me this is where my journey ended (sad) but we didn’t go empty handed cos the 4 ladies/girls in this top 6 round won $200 worth of store grab.

The 3rd round is that each girl from each team will get the items in the list given by the organizers and they just had to get all of it within the time frame. Didn’t pay too much attention on it since I was busy talking to the new friends I met there hihihi…

The only photo I have of Yutakis ✌️

Photo with Miyake after the event 👍

I didn’t immediately get my prize after the event but a few days after, a DM from Etude House was sent to me and I immediately rushed to the Vivo City branch of Etude House.

Sooo… What did I get? Here is my haul! [not in photo: powder compact that I gave my mom]

My haul was composed of 4 sheet masks, 2 modelling masks, gel liner, play color eyes ice van (a limited edition eyeshadow palette which made me appreciate EH eyeshadows), play 101 stick in 12 (its a coral/peach kind of blush and this, as I remember also doubles as lipstick) play 101 countouring/highlighting stick, lips talk chiffon in RD304, eye bleding brush and 3 look at my eyes eyeshadows. Despite this being a free shopping, the sales staff still gave me free samples of the pink vital water and and moistfull collagen gel cream. So happy!!!


Thank you Etude House for the wonderful opportunity. Im certified inlove with your products 😀

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