Rainy Days are Troublesome Now

It’s a rainy Wednesday morning. Im in the bus on my way to work. My body hurts for some reason. Im in for some drama. 
When I was still living in Manila, rainy days mean happy days for me. Because we live in a place where it gets easily flooded, so I have an excuse to either not go to school/work or just enjoy the fact that I get to step on water puddles (or when in Manila, mud puddles lols) or walk extra distance to 1) avoid swimming in flood water 2) falling and drowning in an uncovered manhole. For some reason, the extra effort and me getting drenched in what could possibly be water filled with billions of bacteria makes me happy. 

Fast forward to now, rainy days are nothing but plain annoyance to me. My laundry will take longer to dry, my umbrella will get wet and I will eventually splatter rain water all over the bus and my feet will get wet and I might slip because I walk extra fast. Everything suddenly felt as if I just had a fight with and got sued by a millionaire’s child – its just too troublesome. 

Either that or I just became a sad and gloomy person. Maybe I need more friends or maybe not. Maybe I need to eat more white rice and pork. Or maybe I need to chill but I don’t want to chill. Or maybe I need look back and think about the things that used to make me feel good. But even looking back has become troublesome. 

So I will just have more white rice and pork. 

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