Giving New Life to Old Accessories

I happened to see Bimba Y Lola’s annoucement last week of their sales – which went as far as 50% off *gasp!* so I went to their Marina Bay Sands store and got myself a bag – using our upcoming trip as an excuse. I was with my husband then which means I can’t stay too long. Fortunately, I had a quick me time after the MAC event last Saturday so I went again to Bimba Y Lola this time at their Ion Orchard store and came across this necklace http://www.bimbaylola.com/shoponline/product.php?id_product=15655&id_category=1067&sav=1 and suddenly I had an AHA! moment. Im gonna spice up my pearl necklace like this – and I did.

Black and white – I took my pearl necklace out of my drawer and the black ribbon I got from my Jo Malone packaging; twist and turned my pearl necklace tied them and viola – new look for my old pearlies!


Scarflace – I bought this necklace from Bali some time ago but when I cleaned up my accessories drawer, I saw it is now broken so I just had to spruce it up so I can still use it. I took the scarf I got from Qoo10 and tied it again to the necklace and yey, new necklace!


Yellow and green – I saw Jake Ejercito’s IG before and noticed he uses some club’s entrance tags so I was inspired to use my Kate Spade ribbon and some old and spoilt accessories parts and I now have a new bracelet!


The statement bracelet – See I have plenty of worn out accessories and there’s this necklace which had a huge shell pendant so to use it again, I sew it on a black ribbon – still the black Jo Malone ribbon – and I now have a new statement bracelet, wee!


Just because your accessories are broken doesn’t mean you can use them anymore. You just need to be resourceful and creative to breathe new life to your accessories and outfit!







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