Les Miserables [OOTD] Date Night 

Last week, ze husband and I finally get to watch the Singapore production of Les Miserables. This is another play off my “to-watch” list, well since I only have a few hehe. I am not a smarty-pant when it comes to theather so I only want to see this, Cats (which I have already seen last year) and the top of my list is Phantom of the Opera. I only know of this things because of Barbra Streisand 😅

So, the tickets started selling some time back and we got ours in December 2015; literally a long time ago. It wasn’t cheap so we had to just get the ‘cheapest’ available which was like watching from 50 feet above and our view consist mainly of heads, the faces were too small to see 😄

Anyway, so all along I was thinking this is a good chance to wear my LBD since its Esplanade dear but I changed my mind at the last minute because I got reunited with my long lost bell bottom pants hihihi! But I kept with the black concept – you know, formal.

Because you need pictures when you doll up, but we didn’t find a picturesque location for my ootd, I just told my husband to take a picture of me with the giant LesMis poster outside Esplanade with some silly shot

Trying to be artsy shot

And ofcourse the most important jump shot 😂 (which didn’t turn out great lols!)

Because we didn’t have the official program and im too lazy to research on the cast and production, imma just gonna say the are superb! Some of my favorites gave me chills when they sang it on stage and yes they were so good I now dream of becoming a theater actress when I grow up hihi.

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