My 100th Blog Post!

Casually strolling around my blog when I noticed this will be my 100th post so I will try to make this a nice one.

When I started this blog, I had some vague thoughts, directions and plans on what to do, say or share on my blog apart from some random stories that I think or thought of. It eventually became a beauty blog which to be honest was a bit hard to do and sustain especially there are already tons of successful beauty bloggers in SG so who would actually care about what I have to say in terms of beauty products? So I then decided to make this a food blog. But then, eating out in Singapore is expensive aaaand cooking and writing a blog afterwards is a lot of hardwork especially for someone who has a 9 to 6 job with 3 kids (well 2 kids + 1 husband, you know the drill). There were a lot of instances I stressed myself too much on blogging that I would see myself crying and asking myself “why exactly am I wasting my time doing this?” I got so fed-up that I eventually found this blog very exhausting, time-consuming and ended up not having fun anymore.


That got me into that realization that I need to step back and rethink of my plans not just for my blog but also myself. It was timely I heard or read some quote that says “remember why you started.” I started because I needed a place to refocus my energy on where I didn’t need to go so far away from my kids or that isn’t also too far away from the computer haha!

So I am now on version 3 of my blog. No, erase that, it’s the original version – it’s the anything and everything blog again. I am such a random person that I work well when I don’t plan except when I packed our things on our recent trip to Manila, I needed two weeks (and a lot of credit card swiping) for that 😛


Now that I mentioned our Manila trip, that getaway gave me some realizations like 1) I miss Manila. Singapore has been my home for almost 10 years, a lot of things have happened to me here and I have achieved nearly all my personal goals with opportunities presented to me here but then, visiting Manila again after 4 years of not coming back is like hitting the reset button. I enjoyed the food, the long travels, the supposedly 15-minute ride turned 60-minute due to traffic, the Manila whether, our house. I really told myself one night when I couldn’t sleep “you need to stop wasting your money on unimportant things” funny and at the same time weird. I need to save up so I could save more and travel more not just in Manila but to other places.


2) I am overprotective of my kids. I didn’t want them doing things because I didn’t want them to get dirty but now that they are older and I think more resilient to germs, they are in fact the ones doing away from activities because they also didn’t want to get dirty. We had a hard time making them try playing on the grass or using their hands to eat or running around because they said they’d get sweaty. So yes, parenting 101 – it’s okay for kids to get dirty. 3) People get old – including me. I get tired easily, I get annoyed easily and I just well, looked old haha! But maybe I’ll elaborate this one on another post.

Cheers to me for my 100th post and hopefully hundreds more of posts to come!


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