Filipino Food Overload

We just came back from our Manila trip and I have so much to say but too overwhelmed to do so, so I will just start with some food post.

One of the things I so looked forward doing in Manila was eating, so a lot of my vacation photos are food photos haha! Ofcourse I can cook Filipino food but there are certain delicacies or pastries that one would appreciate more if it was prepared by someone who is native to the place you’re visiting or if they have been doing it for years nearly everyday.

So I was sleeping inside the van on our way to Laguna and suddenly woke up when we were just two minutes away from my husband’s favorite buko pie store (The Original) – I think its fate haha! Imagine if I hadn’t woke up in time (oh the horror of missing the buko pie!!!) Because that was a Sunday, we waited around 20-30 minutes for our pies to arrive but it was all worth it.

We got buko pie


Cassava Cake


Pineapple pie


Our nanny’s family also gave u a huge sponge cake from Laguna (well this is just a slice of it)


And powder-less espasol – well im not really sure why its powder less but this is good both the taste and the fact that I didn’t need to worry about espasol powder getting sprinkled all over my face 😛


Ze brother-in-law also brought suman from Quezon which I partnered with Philippine mango because I need fruits in my life. Yummy!!!


Then, when we went to Awilihan resort, the menu was also mainly Filipino food and some Filipino delicacies were served for snack







And, on our last day of Manila adventure, we had lunch at Crisostomo – a Filipino restaurant albeit Spanish sounding name (hey, Spain have a huge influence on Filipino culture) and you can only imagine the happiness on my face when I saw them serving Filipino street food like isaw, bituka and tenga ng baboy!!! And to induce my Filipino food coma – Dinuguan!


They also serve cornick as you wait for your food to be served hehe.

PS. We also has some ensaymada from Breakfast and Pies from The Grove at Rockwell’s Retail row


My heart is beating so fast from so much happiness of eating all the Filipino food I missed so much =))

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