Online Shopping is Love

I have been doing online shopping since time immemorial although it was just recently that I am going hardcore with all my online shopping. Somehow I feel the world is getting smaller and that malls are getting really crowded lately plus I haven’t been going out of the house as much as I used to so the convenience of online shopping has become a new source of materialism joy for me haha!

Online Shopping Pros and Cons


  • Convenient – one of the main reasons why I choose to shop online is because of the convenience. I don’t have to go out of the house, I don’t have to bump and grind with all the people in the mall and depending on which website or merchant, your goods are delivered right to your doorstep, ah-meyh-zeng!
  • Fun – the things you can get online is limitless – from clothes, to food, to kids’ needs almost everything you want is there. Sometimes I visit a site not to buy anything but just to look at things – you know a virtual window shopping right at the comfort of your bed or couch or anywhere you choose to be.
  • Cheaper – I say cheaper because ‘cheap’ could have some misconnotation to some but online shopping does not mean you are gonna get terrible quality items. My understanding on why they are cheaper is because they don’t need to pay for shop rentals, employees and such so all these doesn’t get passed on to consumers thus the lesser price tag.


  • Waiting – I used to be a huge anti-online shopping person simply because I hated waiting so much. I am a grab and go person, I don’t like being told to sit and wait its either you give it or you don’t. Everytime I buy something online, I would check on the status every now and then. But obviously I have changed. I realized I don’t need to sweat on the small stuff. Either that or I am getting really old that I feel I have more important things to do than wait ie. find ways to get slimmer.
  • The unfortunate incident/s of buying from a terrible seller – terrible as in the products are terrible or the service is terrible either way you can prevent this by reading as much reviews as possible. Since I have started doing online shopping, I have only encountered one bad experience wherein it’s been two weeks since I ordered from this certain seller in Q0010 and the other items I ordered from other sellers in the same cart has arrived but then for this seller it is still requested for shipping. I contacted the seller I was advised that she’ll send it right away but 2 days on and there still no news and she doesn’t answer my messages so I just cancelled my order. Luckily I bought it at a good timing so no money was shelled out.
  • It’s hard to change your mind – online shopping can sometimes be like jumping off a plane to sky dive – once you click the purchase button there is no turning back. Although, if you are fortunate there are sellers who will accommodate last minute changes, I personally find exchanges/returns in online shopping too much trouble because most of the time sellers are in remote areas so it’s either you go there or you mail it back which defeats the purpose of convenience.

Tips and Tricks

  • Read reviews – it’s easy to get excited and press the ‘add to cart’ button countless times but make sure to read reviews – delivery time, product quality, customer service, sizes (for clothes) etc. those things that you are particular of, get as much information as you need to make a wise decision
  • Give reviews – once you have purchased an item, websites usually requests you to give reviews , please do. Not only this gives you additional credits, points you can use to offset on your next purchase or discounts, it will also be of great help to people interested in the same product as the one you bought. I, for one, usually gives detailed info on my experience with a certain product or seller so that I can help buyers make informed decisions.
  • Think carefully – please take note of item 3 in CONS, if you are as lazy as me in making returns/exchanges, think very very carefully.

Sites I have been shopping on lately.

  • Althea Korea ( – I have already made a review on this here. This is my current go-to site for those hard-to-find K products or K- products found in Singapore but they sell it here at a much lower rate. For example, I went to the Tony Moly shop in Bugis and saw the egg cleanser at SGD19 but I bought the same product at Althea Korea at SGD9, woah! Discount bey-beh!
  • vPost ( – vPost is more of a service than an online shop. If you are in Singapore and want to buy items from the US, UK, Japan and China and the items you want doesn’t ship here, you can use vPost. They are efficient and personalized so I feel more at ease using it. The process is you register at the link given above and then they will give you a unique US/UK/China/Japan address. Once you have this you can go to the websites found in that 4 aforementioned countries, shop and then during checkout, put the address given on your vPost account. vPost will alert you via email if the items you ordered has arrived in your overseas given address and once they are there, you login to your vpost account and declare your package (what items are inside etc) then the site will compute how much you need to pay for Singapore shipping plus taxes and other charge and then pay via credit card or paypal and then that’s it. You just need to wait cos they will deliver it right at your doorsteps.
  • Qoo10 – currently my uber-favorite because almost everything I need are here. It’s secure and have different paying options – from cash payment at 7-11 to paypal to credit card, they even offer installment to minimum SGD200 (DBS cards have 6 months installment while UOB cards have up to 24 months 0% interest, hows that?!?!) If you are looking for kids’ clothes I recommend seller yayamiya – love their kids’ jeans and sweater they just seem to have big sizes so I suggest get one size down. If you are looking for a good deal on aloe gel, I recommend seller Princess Pink – their delivery is very fast. Below are just some of the items I got at Qoo10:

With the world shifting more into depending too much on computers, online shopping is obviously the IN thing now 🙂

Do you enjoy online shopping? Or you are more into online lurking?

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