Sales at Marina Bay Sands!!!

If you are in Singapore or have plans of going to Singapore until July you are in for a treat because it’s GSS (Great Singapore Sale) meaning you’ll be broke by the time you exit a mall haha! Everything is on sale! And as per personal experience, this is the time of the year when I shop til I drop for clothes because it’s the only time of the year when I can afford high street brands hehe.

A lot of brands are already warming up for GSS and so as I! And while I was gearing up for our upcoming trip, I came across (and bought a lot of stuff) brands that are on sale, here are some sales info I can share with you specifically on Marina Bay Sands. [NOTE: these is not an exhaustive list, I only listed brands which I have sales knowledge of or those I happen to see as I was window shopping.

  • Bimba Y Lola – I am crushing over this brand I want to marry it! Haha! But seriously, the immediate connection I have with the brand is that it’s perfectly my style – airy clothes, clear cut division of plains and uber loud prints and gorgeous materials like second skin (uhuh!) My first purchase from them was a bracelet which I got because it’s unique. But due to their markdown and my upcoming trip as an excuse, I already bought a bag, an umbrella, 2 t-shirts, a silk scarf and a pair of jeans. And if only I have that much moolah I’d buy more! #hoarder [NOTE: If you need to reference on their prices you may check their website make sure it’s set in Singapore so you can see the rates in SGD. The sales staff will also find it easy to assist you if you know the item code which is also on the website.]



  • Banana Republic – I am the evil wife. Well because my husband and I were “walking around” at Marina Bay Sands and saw a sign outside the Banana Republic store that says 50% off for 5 items 30% off for 3 items – our intent was just to check on their apparels but we ended up buying clothes: 3 shirts for him, a top which I got for my mother and a pair of shorts for me. And if you fill out their customer service survey, you’d get $10 off on your next purchase. Needless to say I came back to buy more! 2 baby tees, 2 ladies sando and another pair of shorts and it only cost me $115 from the original price of $250, say wuuuuut!


  • Guess Jeans – guess what?! I didn’t buy anything from them haha but I just saw some of their baby tees selling for $39.90 and some apparels for 30% off.
  • Sacoor Brothers – They are on 30%-50% discount promotion also. I so so so so so want to buy their loafers – originally retailing at $350 but it’s now on 50% off – but cannot do so because I’ve bought a few pairs of shoes in the past few weeks. My husband would seriously kick me out of the house if I buy some more. So I need restraint even if there’s a little of it left in me! Lols!

Get your wallets ready, and dash to MBS now!

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