Fun and Easy Breakfast Ideas for People on the Go

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – something that I read everywhere, my mother would press me hard on and I got my husband to advocate on since we got married. So it is very important to not just serve a heavy meal it is also equally important to serve a yummy and nutritious one.

But then, not a lot of us can afford to prepare a hearty meal if we are pressed with a lot of demands just right at the moment we open our mommy eyes every morning so here are five breakfast ideas you can prepare in a jiffy:

Toast and Fruits


You just need two slices of bread (for extra healthy option you can use wholemeal) cream cheese, peanut butter or jam and any fruit you like (except maybe for coconut but then who am I to judge your favorites :P) toast the bread put the cream cheese/butter/jam and top with fruits. Super fast and easy, you’re done in no time!

Overnight Oats


Given its name, this can be done before you go to sleep so that its soft and chewy in the morning. You will need oats, chia seeds and fruits, put it in mason jars or even containers with cover put in the fridge and chug in the morning. Done in less than 15 minutes!


If sweet isn’t your thing in the morning, you can always go for a healthy savory option with a wrap. You can prepare your meat a night before, not just for a stronger flavor but it also saves time especially in the hectic morning. You would need wholemeal wrap, minced meat (in photo is pork; I know its not so healthy :D) tomatoes, onions, lettuce throw everything in and serve. Quick and easy!

Pesto Pasta and Sausage


In my local grocer, pesto is available either per 100 grams or in a jar which makes this a very easy option for me when I dont have time or just plain lazy. But when I have the ingredients or there’s veggie in the fridge then I make pesto from scratch. Just cook the pasta, set aside fry the sausage in olive oil put the pasta back in then add the pesto.

Banana Cake and Egg


Egg is probably the most versatile food item everyone can have (except when you are vegan or if you have allergies hihi) but if you have no diet restrictions then you are fine with this. Just fry your egg sunny side up, put in a slice of banana cake with cream cheese on the side then you are good to go!


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