Laneige Beauty Road Singapore Leg

[PHOTO CREDIT: Photos with Laneige’s logo are grabbed from Laneige SG’s official IG account]

You know you are so into this blogging thing when you shovel your wat through anything and eveything that would be good as a blog content so yeah here I am lols!

On friday the 13th, the Laneige BeautyRoad SG made its way to the humid Singapore shores and let the ladies, including me, experience a carnival- like beauty fair. Why did I say carnival like? Well because there different games you can participate in using the coupons (like the one below) that they’d give you and then you get a coin and if you are lucky, you get to take home a prize. Well guess what, I was lucky!


One game/event you can get a coin from is the photo wall where you just need to take a photo, upload it on Instagram and hashtag with BeautyRoad_SG and Water Bank. I don’t often post a photo of my face on my IG but I need that coin so here was my silly picture (NOTE: don’t double take, that IS my belly button šŸ˜œ)


Another game is the wind machine with balls inside that you need to take that ball within 10 seconds. I don’t have a photo of it so I will just borrow this photo from Laneige’s IG so you know how fun this is. My estimate is that it took me around 5 seconds to get a blue ball. Coin no.2 šŸ˜„


Third game I participated on is the UFO Catcher except that this one has boxes and inside indicates your prize. The lady before me was a bit exciting (but obviously sad for her) because she’d get the box but then it falls on the way to the chute, the 3 girls behind her including me let out a silly squeel when it was almost there but well it was not quite šŸ˜ Anyway so, two coins from above events means two turns for me – my first one was blah and second one was weeee! I get to take home a 5-piece sample kit hihihihihi!


So if you have nothing to do over the weekend head down to Ion Orchard basement 4 and join in the fun! Or if you are not in SG, check Laneige’s facebook page on the other cities that they’d visit as well as the dates. And if you share the beauty road video on facebook, you’ll take home 4 piece sample set. They also have sets and promos for Laneige products so I promise its worth it.

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