Etude House Bugis Junction is Back!

Weee! Im excited to say im one of the first few customers of Etude House at Bugis Junction yesterday on their openingย although im sure my wallet isnt so happy with this. It was fun being the first few because almost all their samples there have not yet been opened so it was nice trying on the makeups because its still fresh! Lols!

Anyway, their facebook post says lookout for opening specials and promotions although I didn’t notice anything spectacular in terms of promotions really. Well except for a few like 1) the new cushion bundled with a refill for $41 2) 2 play 101 sticks in random color with the new cushion at $67.

I was overwhelmed with all the fancyness and lost on what to get because their Bugis Junction store was huge so there’s so much to look at but I ended up buying these (the sachets on the left are freebies – one given by the sales guy and the other I got from the vending machine)

Not in photo because I immediately washed it once I reached home: BB face brush (not sure what its called) but you know that brush that looks like a spoon, yeah that one.

All these cost $60 so I got a free mirror which in true Etude House form is cute! Small enough for travelling but big enough to get a good view of the face ๐Ÿ˜

If you spend $90 you get a tumbler and if you spend $100 you get a brush set with pouch.

Since I get to see their new products, Im looking at, next time I see an Etude House store, getting the BB concealer which is a not so but relatively new product. The description says its a combination of BB cream and concealer – its at $26.9 and the new bb cushion which has a matte finish and good coverage, and sleek casing if I may add, without the bundle is priced at $31.9

Aaaand… The highlight of this post – the reason why I rushed to the EH store is because I discovered this week that the Etude House eyeshadow pot and TheFaceShop eyeshadow pot are of the same size, woot! And because I am trying to free up some space in my vanity, I got the eyeshadow palette casing and voila, they are now one minimized happy family! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ (ps. Im not trying to blaspemize either brand I just find it practical to put them all together)

What are you waiting for, go the Etude House at Bugis Junction, pronto!!!

5 thoughts on “Etude House Bugis Junction is Back!

  1. I went to Etude House at Bugis just yesterday and brought their liquid eyeshadow. I still love them despite it’s my second time buying them. You should try them ;D I have a tutorial plus review about it on my blog btw โค Wanna come and see?


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