Descendants of The Sun-Inspired Makeup for Everyday Look

I’m pretty sure that all K-drama fans would agree with me when I say that Song Hye Kyo has got one of the nicest skin in K-landia. Unfortunately though for mere mortals like me, I am not born with paper-white skin or poreless face but that doesn’t stop me from trying to figure out how I can copy SHK’s look in the uber hot and sizzling and famous Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

Just a quick note or overview on my skin so you would have a basis if this makeup will work on you – I am on NC30 for MAC (and I personally think my skin is more on yellow) and have combination to oily skin with pronounced pores near the nose area. Also I am not a pro makeup artist, this is, as in my title just for my everyday look 😀

Song Hye Kyo’s look in DOTS is not her typical Laneige ad face that is dewy which is good because realistically, dewy skin equals excessive oil glands in the sunny Singapore. Her look is on the matte side with hints of pale pink because really you’d rather look matte in the middle of nowhere or if you’re about to rescue people in life threatening situations. Anyway, let’s get started.



(Listed in Order of Use :D)

VDL Lumilayer Primer (I used the sample I got from them :D)
Etude House Purple Cushion for Base to lessen my yellow skin-ness
VDL foundation – albeit a bit hard to apply on skin, I loved that this kept my face from oily-ing for a long time
NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder
Etude House Perfect Brow Kit
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (but this can be a bit oily so I recommend using NARS eyeshadow primer instead)
Laneige Two Tone eye bar in Humming Coral
Etude House eyeliner or any eyeliner with really thin applicator
Etude House Curl Fix Maskara (a bit hard to remove but really maintains a good lash curl)
Etude House Belle Blush (this limited edition so I guess any pale pink blusher will do)
Laneige Two Tone lip bar in Pink Step (according to LaneigeSG IG, she used this shade in EP9 or somewhere midseries)

Prep your face with hydrating toner and moisturizer – I used Missha’s super aqua series which helps my skin have less sebum and extra protection sunblock from thefaceshop

Apply the Lumilayer primer – this gave my skin a good glow which doesn’t look greasy

Dab on the etude house cushion purple base

Apply the foundation

Dust with NARS loose powder

Hurray for SHK eyebrows here, it’s not one straight line! Although I shaded my brows thicker compared to SHK hehe

Apply eyeshadow primer

Glide on the Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar – this is a bit tricky to apply because it is in cream form thus you’d notice it clamps in my lid lines, what I did is I glide twice back and forth and then used eyeshadow brush (PS my hair below is messy, as inspired by SHK messy hair look :P)


Draw eyeliner on your tear line (you know the place where your lashes are “attached”)

Draw another line on the lid as close to the lashes as possible

Curl your lashes

Put in mascara – the Etude House mascara is double sided where one side has bigger brush (first application) and the other side is a finer brush (to spread the mascara and your lashes properly)

Put your blush

Then finish with the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar – a bit pale for my skin but I just has to glide it a few times to see the color. The best part about this lippie is that it provides good moisture on the lips making it hydrated and not too plump (I have thick lips so I don’t want a kylie jenner-ish plump)



BIG EYES AND BIG NOSE HAHA! The No-makeup Makeup 😛

Have you gotten Juicy Pop? 😛

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