Resto Review: Enbu at Suntec City

If you are looking for a Japanese resto with a classy yet relax vibe where you can chill with your friends, family or partner, go to Enbu.

Enbu is a Japanese restaurant tucked somewhere at the Suntec City North Tower rooftop. If you are coming from the mall, go to North Wing head to the third floor and there is an exit leading to the garden area.

It is lined along with some other bars, it is easy to spot from where we came from and it was the first restaurant we saw so we just went there. We did not regret it. Its lovely in that area especially at night because you have a good view of the Suntec City’s famous fountain of wealth. As for Enbu, I loved their small space with high ceiling and the open kitchen. You can see all the things they do with the food so, if you are seated, just like us, in the bar stools you have a 180 degree view of the grill, pans, freezer and the sink even their stocks of ingredients like mayonnaise. Haha yes I nitpick like that.

Happy Hour

Quite possibly the best part is the Happy Hour. We bought Asahi beer, which was 500ml (more or less) and it only costs 5.50! We also ordered whiskey, which was more or less 500ml also (ofcourse it is mixed in ice and juice) only costs $6.50. We thought it was a steal so we ordered whole lot of booze haha! They also allow queue orders so if you want to order 10 glasses of beer on happy hour then drink it until the break of dawn (or until they close?) you can absolutely do it. I personally think it is a good value for your money.



Sashimi platter – I’ve seen several Sashimi platters before – some so perfect you’d think it’s fake and some just right and just tastes okay. Enbu’s is somewhere around the middle – not so perfect looking but the fish tastes sweet and the texture is velvety. It costs around $35 dollars (sorry I cant remember the exact price because we lost the receipt). A party in the mouth.


Salmon Aburi Sushi – Imma pick this as my favorite maybe because I like foods that are charred but not grilled (you get me, right?) and because the rice is just the perfect level of stickiness.


Grilled Squid – I loved that it is cooked just right, and by right I mean it does not bounce like a rubber when chewed.

On the House – maybe because my husband and I were too noisy or we ordered too much alcohol and were funny to look at, we were pleasantly surprised when the chef gave us free fried oyster (2 pieces) with some hollandaise-ish sauce (the chef actually said the name of the dish, I was just too semi-drunk to understand and take a photo of it)

Summary: Go and eat there. The drinks at Happy Hour (6-8pm) are cheap. The food is good. The people are nice. And there is a handsome Japanese chef haha!

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