VDL Cosmetics Haul

I was running some errands at Suntec City the other day when I chanced upon this promotion at VDL Cosmetics.  Prior to this I have been curious about this brand because their vibe feels that of a Western cosmetic brand but as it turns out it is actually a Korean brand. You learn something everyday, indeed.

Going back, the Suntec City branch – I specifically mentioned Suntec City because I happened to pass by their stores at Bedok Mall and Orchard but they don’t seem to have this – is currently running a promotion that when you purchase $80, you can get a free laptop bag, a lunch bag and a tumbler. Well, I need a new laptop bag so I might as well use this as an excuse 😛 Although surprisingly, you don’t only get those three items above, you’ll also get 4 bottles of nail polish and gazillion product samples, really, you cannot comprehend sometimes how Korean brands give out truckloads of freebies.

Skincare Bonanza =))

So I got a liquid foundation at SG$40. a lipcube which is a square-ish shaped lipstick at SG$35 and false eyelashes which is at 50% off so I got it for $6. I will review once I have used them. I didn’t get their star product – the lumilayer primer – because I am not into dewy things at this time of the year because come on, its 36+++ degrees, I’d look like a roasted chicken in dewy makeup.

So apart from the laptop bag, lunch bag, tumbler and nail polish I also got samples of their skin care lines and the lumilayer, Weee! I don’t need to buy it at the moment, maybe on Christmas when it’s colder.

Zooming in on the freebies
Zooming in on the freebies

NOTE: It is possible that by the time you read this, the promotion might be over so better call the branch before going – or it can also be that they have new promotion 🙂

What’s your favorite item from VDL?


4 thoughts on “VDL Cosmetics Haul

    1. Yah and the best part is the freebie haha! I havent tried their primer but Ive heard a lot of good feedbacks for it. Although if you are looking for dewy glow, etudehouse face blur primer gives a good finish 😊


      1. Actually Ive tried the foundation yesterday and found it a bit hard to use. The consistency is more fluid like that of NARS but when I applied using foundation brush somehow it clumps up so I used a sponge instead I still like it though because it’s lasting and the coverage is good plus its got my face sebum at bay 😊


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