Simple Joys: Product Samples

Lately, there’s been a lot of Facebook promotions (at least in Singapore) wherein different brands will give you their latest product samples. Only, you need to give details like mobile number and email to them so they can send you promotional emails and SMS regarding sales and product launch.

Samples I got from The Body Shop and Sephora

I’m terrible at holding back at this because there are tons of products in the market that I want to try but don’t have the money to buy them all so I get these samples because 1) I want to try first to see if they actually deliver what they promised 2) I want to try it first so if it doesn’t work at least I didn’t waste my money buying a full-sized item. This may be cringe-worthy and a bit third world to some but I really don’t care 😛 For someone who cannot afford splurging but still want to look good, this is probably your best bet in life. Plus, brands wouldn’t give this out if they don’t want you to try it first right? This is also part of their marketing strategy.

Samples of Raine Blanche from L’occitane and Clarins

If you happen to go to Lucky Plaza, you will see they actually sell samples there… Well, why buy when you can also have it for free. Although my assumption is that, samples are more potent than the actual product because I noticed in some of the brands I tried, it was very great on samples but become so-so on the actual product. Maybe for me it’s a hit and a miss.

Samples of Biotherm and Lancome – products I have never used before and would be willing to spend on if this works well on me.

Also, when I buy full sized products, I try as much as possible to ask for samples so I can try other products from the same brand to see which works well for me. Hope though that my skin doesn’t get rebellious – or perhaps I’m too old for that. I also have a very short attention span and get easily distracted with new products; maybe I need to use the word curious, I am curious what a certain product can offer so if you are like me, I advise you to utilize on these free product samples.

Do you enjoy collecting product samples? 😀

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