TheFaceShop (Freebie) Haul

Well this isn’t exactly a haul since I just purchased one item – The Flebote White Crystal Luxury Eye Cream – but wow, I am bathing again in freebies! Lols!

I purchased an eye cream, because I will soon run out of eye cream and I am looking at a cheaper alternative to Clarins so I really hope this works because as much as that Clarins eye cream is my holy grail, I have kids to send to school so I need to be thrifty πŸ˜€ Once I have used it, I’ll give a review.

TheFaceShop has recently launched their new membership benefits program – not exactly sure what changed – but if you are a new or current member, as I am, you get to receive a Welcome Gift like the one pictured below if you purchase SGD38 in a single receipt.


I am currently collecting all sorts of samples right now because we’ll be traveling soon and most of our baggage space will be taken up by the kids so I want to bring as many items as I can but on super small quantity only.But my guess is because I am restless and curious when I see new products, I’ll surely try them very soon.

How much do you like TheFaceShop? πŸ™‚


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