Woohoo! I won!

I always join contests but end up going home empty handed. For some reason, I just don’t have luck on my side when it comes to raffles, games (I’m competitive though) bonus prizes etc. so when I won a prize last week, it was indeed a pleasant surprise – or as my husband calls it – sureprize 😛

I got the LINE app installed on my phone and saw a message that says I can win a prize if I snap pretty food pictures and post it on Instagram using their new app called Foodie. I am sure I was gonna win, you know, I had to cheer myself cos no one’s gonna do it for me (or maybe, my daughter too once in a while) hihi…

Since I have already made my IG feed a food feed, I just had to use this app, which by the way, really made my food pictures enticing and made it look yummy by having preset filters. Below is an example


(Above photo is before filter below photo is after the foodie app filter… sorry for the jamming of watermarks :D)

I have also posted other pictures, you can see one here (the picture with flowers) which I am guessing is the main factor why I won hehe. Well, as they say, more entries more chances of winning!!!

And I won! Wahahaha! Not that I am complaining but I actually had to go far and wide to claim my prize. In all honesty, it was worth it!


See, my new friend is commuting on his own!


If you also want to make your food post, in whatever SNS you are hooked into, go ahead and try Foodie app – available for download on Apple app store and Android 🙂


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