Etude House Berry Delicious Lip Jam Treatment and Lip Jam Scrub Review

If I have to rank cosmetic items I love, lip products would come #1. From lipsticks to lip glosses to lip stains to lip balms; anything lip product, for me, is love. Though, my fetish is having moist lips. I hate it when my lips are dry because I talk and smile a lot so I easily crack my lips when I don’t moisturize it.

So when I saw Etude House’s new limited edition Berry Delicious line I rushed immediately to the store and got their lip jam products – the lip scrub and lip treatment.

Lip Jam Scrub

Texture: Its like strawberry jam but with heavy petroleum jelly content cos my hand felt very sticky after washing. I also noticed some strawberry seed-looking bits inside (although upon checking the ingredients, it says stawberry seed so Im guessing it is real) It also smells like strawberry and I love strawberry so there’s my bias.

Usage: The product doesn’t come with a scoop (at $11.90 well I don’t expect it to have a lot in it) so just make sure you have clean hands, scoop a bit and rub against your lip. I noticed that it doesn’t really peel off the dry/dead skin on my lips although my lips felt lighter afterwards – like its prepared to absorb other lip moisturizing product I put on it which is good.

Lip Jam Treatment

Texture: This is like ChapSticks in a pot. A bit hard to scoop up using fingers so a small scraper(?) would be of great help. It’s not as petroleum jelly-ish as the scrub, so this is basically like your typical lip balm.

Usage: Just use as per the normal lip balm. As for me, I always sleep with lip balm on and did the same for this one. When I wake up in the morning, my lips were soft and moist although I’d still choose ChapSticks over anything else. This is a very good alternative though.

For the price, Im okay to buy more of this but for the effectiveness, maybe there are other brands. I’d give this a 7/10.

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