Missha x Line Friends Matt Lip Rouge in Maple Latte Review

A few weeks back, I totally lost my mind and purchase a couple of cosmetic items at Qoo10. I kind of have this self-promise not to buy make-up at Qoo10 because I feel it’s authenticity is questionable. But then, Missha does not release their special edition items here in SG so I jumped in the Qoo10 ship to get my hands on these Line Friends makeup.

Luckily, the online shop I got my goodies on had great reviews so I got a few items – the Magic Cushion, Water Full Tint in Cherry Coco and Matt Lip Rouge in Maple Latte.

My Missha x Line Friends Haul

This post will focus on the Matt Lip Rouge in Maple Latte. The box says it’s got SPF17 so having little sunscreen compared to none is good enough for me. I’m also into matte lipsticks lately so I really like this lippie.

Compared to other matte lipsticks that is a bit difficult to apply, the Matt Lip Rouge glides on easily and the shade is buildable. So one swipe already shows good pigment and if you want it darker you can always give it a go.

Maple Latte on my lips after 1 swipe

In the Qoo10 page, the color was more like a faded red wine color and since I find this shade unique, this is the shade I got. But the actual color is different, but still good because its not so red, not so pink and not so brown – its the perfect mixture of these 3 colors.

Maple Latte

It also does not get removed easily, although I’m not sure of the number of hours, I just noticed that it’s not easy to erase.

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive matte lipstick, this is a perfect alternative or if you are into corporate-y looking/professional looking lippie then this is also a perfect catch. Got this at SG$20.90 at theplus store in Qoo10.



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