Women’s Day Haul

“Strong women… May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them”

So last Tuesday, my office gave a special holiday to all female employees wherein we were given a halfday leave to celebrate the International Women’s Day. Sometimes you really gotta give props to your company for being so generous like that.

I wasn’t planning to do anything on that day especially I wasn’t aware of it prior because I was on sick leave when they announced it so I just walked around hoping against hope I don’t buy anything but eventually I failed. I end up spending XX dollars at Etude House. Blame it on their newly launched products (and discounts) Really!

Off to my purchases…

Because the Berry Delicious line is a new launch, they have a promotion of 10% off per item and if you get 2 items from the line, you’ll get a free pouch! Sweet as a berry!

They also launched the big sister of their play 101 pencil, the play 101 stick – not sure if this is a big sister or baby sister because this is shorter but chubbier, anyhoo I picked this because every puchase of two sticks plus one brush is at $49.90 from original prize of $61. The two shades I got was 11 because I don’t have cream contouring stick yet and 14 because it says in the display it is Pony’s pick hihi

Some alone time (and shopping) is indeed a gift for someone who seems to be running around doing all sorts of things all the time.

Ladies, how did you celebrate the International Women’s Day? 😊

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