Instax Mini 70 Review

My first instant camera – the Instax mini 7 – is one of my favourite things on earth. What’s not to love about taking pictures and then getting a physical copy a good few seconds later. [shoutout to people like me who’s just too lazy to go to a photo printing shop!] 😜

The main reason I got it before is to keep mementos of my kids as they grow up but as they grow older and get playful, its become harder and harder to take pictures of them. I would sometimes end up wasting a sheet of photo paper because the pictures would turnout dark or blurry.

Then I come across the Instax mini 70 – with its funky color, lemon yellow – you’ll sure not fail noticing it.

Its way faster than the mini 7 – from turning on (ohhh, haha!) to taking pictures to ejecting the photo paper.

It also has a mini silver plate on the front which serves as your mirror when taking a selfie. Speaking of selfie, it also has a selfie mode which makes your shot brighter and sharper.

It also now comes with a timer – my estimate is its around 10-12 seconds so taking a groufie is now as fun and as easy as taking it in your mobile phone. It also comes with a tripod ring (not super sure if that is what its really called) that allows you to use a selfie stick or tripod to take that shot including the background. Β This two features is the main reason why I bought this camera.

But then if the thing that’s holding you back into getting this is you wouldn’t have a soft copy, then just lay your picture or raise it and take a snap!

Do you like taking instant pictures? 😊

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