February Leap Month Favorites

I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Its already March!  Somehow it felt like it was just a few days ago that I was doing my Christmas shopping, I’m sepanx-ing with the first quarter of the year.

Anyway, Im on a roll with this whole blogging thing and so before I lose my momentum, let’s start

1) White sneakers – I’ve always wanted to have one! Actually I do have one only it’s heeled (white leather chuck taylor…) so I don’t get to use it often given all the walking involved in living in Singapore so I got this keds sneakers which are super comfy and seemed like dust resistant. When I was young I would see some of my classmates wearing keds and they looked cool in it so after x number of years I finally got one and suddenly I am cool like that 😂


2) Uniqlo jeggings – I have a love-hate relationship with uniqlo because the first time I got a pair of jeggings there it looked weird on me. But because they are almost always on promo and I am not one to resist those, I gave this one cropped jeggings a go. I did not regret giving them a second chance, it fit so well on me I can almost cry 😁 I eventually ended up getting 3 more; on different shades.


3) NYX soft matte lip creme – Im having a love affair with nyx right now having some sort of betrayal with my velvet teddy. London and Abu Dhabi shades are to pucker up for ❤️


4) Avocado – when I was younger… Ehem… My mother would always make this avocado dessert with milk and sugar and sometimes ice on it and we only get to eat it around summertime. But because of the onset of all things healthy, I just learnt that you can actually eat avocado anyway you want; I would then always put it in my breakfast sandwiches


5) Reese peanut butter chips – I didn’t know until recently that this thing exist, expensive though, but it was, along with chocolate cookies, a party in the mouth


What made you happy on February (aside from it having your Feb-29 birthday?) 😝

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